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Site created on October 27, 2019

To all family, friends, fellow believers, and anyone who loves life and hates cancer, 

Following a recent injury to her leg, an MRI revealed that Kim Eling had a torn muscle in her hip. On Monday, October 21, five and a half years after beating breast cancer, this same MRI revealed that cancer has returned to her body in an aggressive manner.  

Mike, Kim, and their family have been preparing for this possibility by researching  and planning their course of action. On Tuesday, October 29, Mike and Kim will leave their beautiful twin 9-month old boys in the care of family, to fly to Mexico for aggressive and cutting edge treatment for 4 weeks. At the conclusion, Kimmy will continue her treatments in the U.S. and return to Mexico every 3 months for continued treatment. 

We ask you to boldly pray for stability for Kim's leg; that her femur is not damaged further through their travels to Mexico. As Mike and Kim grieve the absence of family and community,  pray for peace and the presence of God to be felt in the trying days ahead. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Kim's body. And pray trusting that our Father, who is the Great Physician, will rid Kimmy's body of this cancer once and for all. 

We thank God for a family and community that loves and supports Kimmy and Mike the way we have witnessed this past week!

To Jesus be all praise, honor, and glory - now and forever!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kim Eling


It's been a busy couple of days! I'll try to bring you up to speed in a somewhat concise manner (definitely not my forte). Monday we had an appointment with the surgeon about my torn labrum. He was very kind but told me, "pretend you don't even know about the tear" and said we might have to look at surgery down the road but definitely not right now. He recommended seeing an orthopedic oncologist due to the shape my femur is in. He recommended a guy his sister had gone to med school with named Dr. Steensma. I had been planning on seeing a Dr. Peters for my ortho. onc so really didn't think anything of the recommendation. When I called to set up my appointment with Dr. Peters, I saw that Dr. Steensma was actually in the same practice. The nurse gave me the first available appointment to see Dr. Peters on Wednesday. I was researching Drs. Peters and Steensma and was chatting with my mom about it because I was very torn about who I should see. Lisa (the wonderful woman who is helping us take care of the boys every day), said, "Dr. Steensma? Like Matt Steensma?" And I was like, "yes, why?". It turns out she knows him and his family very well and she said they are wonderful people. I immediately emailed my nurse navigator saying something along the lines of believing God opens and closes doors for us and I felt like the Dr. Steensma door was wide open and wondered if she could change my appointment to the one next week with Dr. Steensma (he didn't have any availability until later). I got a call ten minutes later from her saying, "I did you one better. Can you come in for an appointment at 8:00 tomorrow morning? Dr. Steensma made room in his schedule for you." Wow. 
We met with him today and he was so incredibly kind. I can't say I had been looking forward to the appointment and was afraid of being railroaded, having someone be condescending or forceful with us, and a variety of other things. Dr. Steensma was real, honest, not fear mongering, encouraging, and kind. He showed us my x-rays (my fracture had actually healed!!) which indicated about 80-90% of the top half of my femur has eroded (head neck and body of the bone). He said the bone that's there is a "whisp" and that people don't feel bone pain until about 90% of the bone is gone because that's when it usually starts to bend (that's how strong our bones are- they can hold pretty fast until they are pretty much completely  dwindled down to almost nothing!). He fielded every one of our questions and asked if he could pray. He prayed most beautiful prayer over us and for my healing- I bawled. We left the office with such peace about our decision. Surgery is planned for next Wednesday. Dr. Steensma will insert a rod down my femur to stabilize the bone and in order to do so, also has to bore out my femur which will thereby remove most of the cancerous lesions in that bone.

God's hand has been SO evident throughout this entire process. Every little step along that way, He is showing up and making himself known- it seriously blows my mind. It's been so constant and HIS peace and provision are so tangible!

Next, we have to talk about the fundraiser that my cousin Jill put together at Crazy Horse. Oh. My. Goodness. The turnout was amazing and again, people were just so incredibly loving and generous! Family and friends, strangers, and restaurant workers/owners- thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so sad I wasn't able to make it last night- I had been so looking forward to it and and wanted to see many of you, however, my pain has been quite increased the past few days and I just couldn't do it. I'm so sorry to have missed many of you. Jill- you are AMAZING. I can't believe what a huge blessing you have been to Crazy Horse over the past many years, and what a blessing Crazy Horse has been to soooo very many in the community. Thank you too, for selling your beautiful shirts and tumblers last night- they are awesome (check out her shop on Etsy ( her work is amazing). Wow- what a blessing last night was for our family! Thank you to all who came out and generously gave. I know I say it frequently but being on the receiving end of so much love and generosity is so overwhelming and humbling. We are so thankful for each and every one of you! Seriously- again I am just rendered speechless and so wish I could have attended. 

I have continued to do my therapies from the clinic here at home (many the same and many different since I can't do most of the IV therapies here that I did there. It's taken a little bit to get the order/timing of things figured out- x has to be taken first thing in the morning, y has to be taken after a meal, z needs to be taken with smoothies, etc. It's been a little hard to get into a routine with different appointments everyday but we're getting there! 

If you could send up a few extra prayers for my sweet hubby that would be so appreciated. He has so much on his plate and is handling everything like a pro but I know he's stressed out and his concern about the fragility of my femur is really taking its toll. Mike's a fixer and a planner and I know it's hard for him to watch me struggle with pain, or be stubborn about asking for help, etc. Prayers that he is covered in peace and calm would be so wonderful! He's so strong, but he is weary. 

Okay, that about sums it up for now. Prayers for best case scenario for surgery would be appreciated. Specifically, pray that there is enough bone to attach the hardware to and that everything is as straightforward during surgery as possible. I just so desperately want to make a full recovery (minimal pain, maximum range of motion and mobility) so that I will be able to keep up with my boys in the days and years ahead! Dr. Steensma also mentioned that when breast cancer goes to the bone, it can be a bit like whack-a-mole. You get one spot under control and then another one pops up. I truly believe that by doing wholistic, whole body immune boosting therapies and Dr. Tony's protocols that this will not be the case. Please pray for this with us!

Love and thanks to you all!

Mike and Kim
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