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Site created on October 27, 2019

To all family, friends, fellow believers, and anyone who loves life and hates cancer, 

Following a recent injury to her leg, an MRI revealed that Kim Eling had a torn muscle in her hip. On Monday, October 21, five and a half years after beating breast cancer, this same MRI revealed that cancer has returned to her body in an aggressive manner.  

Mike, Kim, and their family have been preparing for this possibility by researching  and planning their course of action. On Tuesday, October 29, Mike and Kim will leave their beautiful twin 9-month old boys in the care of family, to fly to Mexico for aggressive and cutting edge treatment for 4 weeks. At the conclusion, Kimmy will continue her treatments in the U.S. and return to Mexico every 3 months for continued treatment. 

We ask you to boldly pray for stability for Kim's leg; that her femur is not damaged further through their travels to Mexico. As Mike and Kim grieve the absence of family and community,  pray for peace and the presence of God to be felt in the trying days ahead. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Kim's body. And pray trusting that our Father, who is the Great Physician, will rid Kimmy's body of this cancer once and for all. 

We thank God for a family and community that loves and supports Kimmy and Mike the way we have witnessed this past week!

To Jesus be all praise, honor, and glory - now and forever!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Krissy de Waard

Hello Cherished Friends, Family, and Prayer Warriors of our dear Kimmy,

Kim's sister, Krissy, here. I have come on here to update you all on behalf of my brave, bold beautiful big sister. In all honesty, I can hardly see the screen as I type this; tears stream down my cheeks wetting my lap and blurring my vision. I wish I didn't have to type any of this out as the last two days have truly been a living nightmare. But we need your prayers more than ever and so I will try to update you as best I can. 

Yesterday morning, Kimmy went in for a scheduled PET scan. Kimmy felt at peace going into it and us family members felt that way too. We were all feeling so thankful to have Kimmy's surgery behind her, and her final radiation treatment completed last week Tuesday. The PET scan was the only thing standing in the way before Kim and Mike made their next trip to Mexico. Were all eager to check it off the list and send Kim and Mike down south for follow up appointments, a few therapies, review of course of treatment, and some bonus vitamin D and sea. I was confident it would reveal the cancer was shrinking or at the very worse staying the same. Kimmy has been so diligent with her diet and therapies, and sacrificing so much in this war on cancer!

It wasn't long into the PET scan that Kimmy knew something was wrong. The medical personnel began questioning Kimmy about her breathing, wondering if she has been experiencing any shortness of breath. They discovered Kimmy had fluid on both lungs. And then the real blow came, they spotted multiple cancer lesions on her brain. They admitted Kimmy into the hospital because they wanted drain a lung that day and wanted to get the ball rolling for steroid treatments to reduce brain swelling and halt the cancer growth while a plan was discussed. Kimmy did have her left lung drained yesterday afternoon and a little more than a liter was drained off successfully. Then she went her hospital room where she was visited by both her radiologist and oncologist. Both of whom were kind, loving men who gave Kim, Mike, and my parents time to ask questions. When the doctors left we felt a glimmer of hope because Kimmy is asymptomatic and they both felt that we didn't need to rush into anything, but that an MRI would show them more. The oncologist suggested getting Kimmy started on hormone therapy, and that we could consider brain radiation but hopefully need only to do focal radiation.The plan was for Kimmy to get squeezed into the schedule to have an MRI yet that night and at 10 pm last night Kimmy did have one.

The results of the MRI were relayed to Kimmy, Mike, and my mom in the morning and it was even more devastating than yesterday's news. The metastatic cancer is in more spots in the brain than everyone thought from yesterday's PET scan and Kimmy even has a compressed vertebral fracture (I hope I have that right). Suddenly instead of having time to think about brain radiation, doctors recommended that Kimmy have full brain radiation and wanted to get the ball rolling today. This afternoon Kimmy had a radiation simulation, where they map out a precise radiation plan, and tomorow Kimmy will go in at 3:00 for her first brain radiation treatment.

We honestly cannot believe this is happening, so many thoughts reel through our heads. More tears have been cried than I ever thought possible. But I praise the Lord for the privilege of having a front row seat of watching my sister testify to God's goodness! Only moments after receiving the scariest and saddest news of her life, Kimmy said, "Even so, God is Good!" I have witnessed Mike and Kimmy cling together, living out "in sickness and in health" in a way they never imagined on their wedding day. They are a beautiful couple and I am so thankful for their example! 

Friends, we believe in a mighty God! Satan is trying to win the day, cancer is trying to destroy Kimmy, but we are continuing to believe in a miracle!! Please join us in storming the gates of heaven on behalf of Kimmy!!!! Nothing is impossible for God!!!! We are praying that God will glorify himself in the complete healing of Kimmy's body!!! 

Specific Prayer Requests:

1) Effective Treatments with Minimal Side Affects
2) That the Fluid will stay off Kimmy's lungs
3) That her vertebral fracture will stay stable 
4) Peace of Christ to fill our hearts and minds
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