Tina Golden|Oct 15, 2020
I am praying ❤️
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Clint Lemasters|Oct 15, 2020
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Marla Crisman|Oct 15, 2020
I’m sorry. What a long & frustrating day :/
Praying for upcoming treatment Monday & for providential movement in every way. Love you all.
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Michaela Saxbury|Oct 15, 2020
That’s so frustrating! I’m so sorry! Praying everyday!
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Tara Mast|Oct 15, 2020
I am going to continue praying for a miracle for Kiley!!!
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Lisa Wilt|Oct 15, 2020
I will pray just as you asked! I shared Kiley's story when at the radio station (Life 88.5) yesterday when I shared her owl cupcakes.
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Deanna Ezzell|Oct 15, 2020
Have been thinking of you all and praying throughout the day. Thanks for always sharing and keeping us in the loop. Love you all and praying always.
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Michael and Krisha Klug|Oct 15, 2020
Have been praying all day for all of you- thank you for the update and we will continue the prayers!
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