Honor Kevin

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21 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Ellen Shong Bergman

“Congratulations on your 21st Birthday, Kevin! Your CaringBridge Family celebrates every victory. God Bless You, honey!”

Gifted by Karen Pennington and family

“In honor of Kevin Massey's brave fight and journey...You've got this, Kev!”

Gifted by Mr. Matt P. Voors

“In honor of Kevin Massey”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Kevin Massey - a big UK Wildcats fan. Go Kevin!!!”

Gifted by Todd Holmes

“In honor of Kevin Massey”

Gifted by Ricky J. Moseley

“In honor of Kevin Massey”

Gifted by Wayne Milam

“In honor of Kevin Massey”
Gaye Gentry Dickey

Gifted by Gaye Gentry Dickey

“Kevin, Your complete recovery is my daily prayer.”

Gifted by Mrs. Jennifer Shelton

“In honor of Kevin Massey and his Family.”

Gifted by Mr. Travis W. Bugg

“In honor of Kevin Massey”