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Hello friends and family. It has been a very difficult few days.  As most of you already know, Kevin had a heart attack on Friday. He is very lucky to be here 
today. Due to a very quick responding friend starting CPR on him and an awesome ambulance crew continuing CPR and doing a lot of fast and efficient work on Kevin to get his heart started! We want to thank all of those awesome people! Also thank you to all of the prayer warriors out there. The power of prayer is an awesome, awesome thing! We do need the prayers to continue, as Kevin will be having a triple bypass surgery on Wednesday. We just have to keep him very inactive and monitored until then. I will try to update on as much as possible. I appreciate all of the text and messages, but I am having a very difficult time being able to respond to them all. I need to devote my time to Kevin, so it will be easier to do one update a day for everyone. Thank you all! Please keep the prayers coming for Kevin!

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Journal entry by Lori Watembach

So last year on September 7th the day started as any other. Get out of bed , get dressed, work, work, work. It was the 2nd day of my vacation and I had huge plans of getting my old house cleaned out and getting organized and settled in our new house. I must say the day started very much like any other day ,but dang sure didn't end up the same way! We had just finished hauling stuff out of my basement grooming shop in my old house and we (Kevin, Justin, and myself) were standing around my pickup talking. It was about 7:55 p.m. and Kevin's eyes glazed over and he fell on the driveway. He basically died standing there. He had no pain or anything. Justin started CPR, I called 911. The Beach Ambulance crew was there in minutes. They had to jump start him 3 times before his heart started up. They did what is called an IO in his shin to get the epinephrine to his heart. They did an amazing job! I seriously didn't think that I would ever see kevin alive again. Thanks to Justin Kohanes's quick thinking and quick actions and his knowledge of CPR and the ambulance crew's quick response and all of their knowledge, here Kevin is alive and doing awesome one year later! Sorry this post is so long, It seemed a lot longer in reality! The days in the hospital waiting for open heart surgery were very nerve wracking, but we made it through it all with the help of all of our friends and family. Kevin did all of his cardio rehab like a trooper, and of course, the rehab ladies just loved working with him! We couldn't have gotten through this by ourselves. It took a whole village of awesome people to get us through mentally and physically! Thanks to each and everyone of you for everything you have done and for all of your prayers over the past year! I hope and pray that we never have to go through anything like this again! God is Good!
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