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Jun 13-19

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Good evening CaringBridge family! It’s been a while😌. I have really great news to share with you all! Kenny had a visit with Dr Tiffany today. It was a follow up visit from the recent pet scan Kenny had done. The pet scan did not show any sign of cancer in Kenny’s body! That’s right I said no sign of Cancer! I’m still in shock from hearing the words so I imagine it’s striking you the same way. Praise God! Unfortunately for Kenny he is going to have to take the remaining two rounds of chemo. He is pretty discouraged about that. We had received a call a few days ago from the doctors office telling us this news about being cancer free over the phone. He had kind of gotten his hopes up that maybe he would be through with treatment as well.  Dr Tiffany wants to be sure there isn’t a trace of cancer cells left so Kenny doesn’t have a relapse. She explained that a pet scan only catches groups of cancerous cells. So there could be some single cells floating around yet. Thank you for all of your support and prayers! We love you 😘 

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