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May 22, 2020

Good evening CaringBridge family! It’s been a while😌. I have really great news to share with you all! Kenny had a visit with Dr Tiffany today. It was a follow up visit from the recent pet scan Kenny had done. The pet scan did not show any sign of cancer in Kenny’s body! That’s right I said no sign of Cancer! I’m still in shock from hearing the words so I imagine it’s striking you the same way. Praise God! Unfortunately for Kenny he is going to have to take the remaining two rounds of chemo. He is pretty discouraged about that. We had received a call a few days ago from the doctors office telling us this news about being cancer free over the phone. He had kind of gotten his hopes up that maybe he would be through with treatment as well.  Dr Tiffany wants to be sure there isn’t a trace of cancer cells left so Kenny doesn’t have a relapse. She explained that a pet scan only catches groups of cancerous cells. So there could be some single cells floating around yet. Thank you for all of your support and prayers! We love you 😘 

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May 01, 2020

I have an update!
This morning Kenny had a visit with Dr. Tiffany to find out the results from the CT scan he had yesterday. I was not allowed to be there unfortunately. So the reporting I’m doing is based on the information I got from Kenny over the phone. The tumor has shrunk by about half!! Yea!!! That is great news! That means the chemo is working! Along with that good news was some other information. The tumor was so large when they first looked at it that it had partially collapsed one of his lungs. That lung had somehow obscured some of the tumor. So now that the lung is back to normal(👍) she can get a better look at the whole tumor. His spleen is still enlarged but it has not grown larger. She does not seem overly concerned about it. She ordered another PET scan. That is the scan that uses a die tracer to light up the cancer in the body. She wants an update on how much cancer is still present. Monday Kenny starts cycle number 4 of 6 chemo treatments. He will have that continuously until Friday morning. Then he will get 1 thirty minute cycle of another drug after that.  The following Monday he will have his Neulasta shot. That drives up his white blood cell count. It also causes a lot of bone pain. I’m sure Kenny isn’t looking forward to that again! Then he will have another 2 weeks before cycle number 5 begins. Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! Your support is encouraging us on our way.💞


April 13, 2020

Day 1 round three of chemo. Already the taste buds are affected. The fingers are still numb from last time. Kenny says he can smell himself already too. He feels like the chemicals smell from the chemo meds comes out his pours. He takes a steroid that makes him really hungry. He said that he noticed that this morning already. He’s just finishing up a huge piece of pound cake drenched in milk after a full ham dinner. All this wonderful food thanks to a wonderful lady in our church! 
  This last week was Kenny’s extra week off of chemo. It was a lovely break!  Kenny worked all week like nothing was wrong! He was really really tired come Saturday evening!! Sunday was a true day of rest. I think it was good at least that he had that! This morning Kenny took himself to his appointment. They aren’t letting any visitors in now. I guess until he gets to weak to drive that’s how we will do it. I suppose within a few days he will need me to drive though. 
That’s all I can think to report on now. You all have a blessed night!


April 03, 2020

Hey everybody!👋 It’s been a while! 
We’re still in the trenches with this cancer battle going on. Kenny had a visit with Dr. Tiffany this morning. I wasn’t allowed to be with him this time due to new safety guidelines. Only those not able to care for themselves are allowed a visitor. So the news I got from Kenny is this:
His platelets were quite low today. So low that Dr Tiffany has postponed Kenny’s treatment 1 week. So, a reminder about platelets, they are what cause our blood to clot. It is the chemo drugs that are bringing those counts down. Those numbers will need to come back up before more chemo can be given. So we have a week off! No blood draws or doctors appointments till next Friday. That is going to be a lovely break!! It’s a little disappointing to have to prolong this ordeal but not anything too major.  
There haven’t been any other interesting factors to speak of. Just routine stuff and waiting. Kenny asked the doctor if there was anything else on the PET scan that had shown up that she hadn’t talked to us about. She said his spleen was enlarged and that she was confident that there was cancer there as well. Since the spleen controlles the lymph system it is to be expected in a lymphoma cancer patient. That’s all the reporting I can think of. I could report on my condition as a homeschool teacher/ stay at home cancer nurse mom wife but I would probably need to do that on a separate caring bridge page. Please keep praying for us and thank you for your prayers and love. It is felt and appreciated! Love from us to you💞


March 20, 2020

And when the battles over, we shall wear a crown, yes we shall wear a crown.... in the new Jerusalem! 

I’m not sure why that song was going through my mind but since I tend to write impulsively on here, that’s what you see. It does seem fitting somehow. So, how are you? It would be nice to hear your story instead of always writing ours.. 
  Round two is finished!! Two down, four to go. 
It has been a crazy week! When you tie a good man down he doesn’t reaspond well.. and when a mamma bear is threatened she gets pretty aggressive. We’ve all been experiencing things this week that have tested our strength. I’d have to say I’m not that happy with my report card. But then I realize that God is so big and so good that he didn’t expect me to be perfect! He’s been walking with us and keeping us through these trying times! Praise Him forevermore!! I am sorry though and I’ll try to do better😏.. 
Every day since Monday we’ve had an appointment at the Oregon oncology. We’re gone from home about 4 hours for that. First Kenny gets blood drawn( every day) then we wait for about 10 minutes. Then we see one of the PA’s to get the results from the lab and get a quick check up to see if he can proceed with treatment. After we get a green light with that then we go over one door down the hall to infusion. That part takes the longest. They have to get his chemo mixed up and put in his bag. Day 1 and day 5 take even longer because they have to access and deaccsess the port. Also day 5 he gets one other drug infused that takes about an hour. I think it was Tuesday that they started putting stricter rules on patient visitors. It only effected the infusion part of our regimen. I wasn’t even allowed in that particular waiting room. So I roamed the halls and whatnot till he was finished. Also, Tuesday was the day I became a homeschool teacher.(side note) Yesterday we had an unusual adventure. As I was driving Kenny to his appointment our van decided to give out on us. All the dash lights came on and the speedometer started bouncing all over. I lost the power steering and the motor started surging. I pulled off into a gas station and was able to get parked in a spot there. So what next? We were only about 5 minutes from the hospital.. we called a taxi. The hospital staff was as gracious as always and helped us keep our appointments. We called some dear retired friends of ours and they came and got us from the hospital. They brought us home but not before they stopped and got us a pizza  to have for supper♥️ The hospital at Salem is in full lock down mode. All entrances ( which they have limited to just a few) are blocked by staff sitting at a table and you have to have your temperature taken ( if you have a good enough reason to be going in) and then you get a visitor badge to wear so others know you’ve been screened. Yesterday evening Kenny came out to the school room table and showed us that all his short stubble on his head was rubbing off. He asked me to shave his head with a razor.. so we took a quick recess and I did just that. Now we do have a mr clean look😂. He felt pretty knocked down this round. Most days he complained of feeling weak shaky and tired with a side of woozy( not nausea). Luckily he hasn’t struggled with being nauseous at all!  He is trying to be cautious about exposure now for a week or so. So he isn’t at the haybarn today. He went early before it opened and talked with our employees about the day. He just finished eating 2 steak and egg burritos and finished up with some cereal. (No appetite issues here!) He has complained of his taster being a little off. Especially with items involving corn syrup for some reason. He plans to work a little on a project we’re doing here at home today. So that’s it for now... we’ll start chemo again in two weeks. There will be some blood draws and doctor visits periodically till then. They plan to wait till after round three to do another pet scan. Thanks again for all the prayer and support.. be happy as you shelter in place... God bless you all♥️



March 16, 2020

Let me try to paint you a picture... 
Kenny is bald and smooth faced sitting here in our living room in a pair of lounge pants and a red t-shirt. There is a small clear line snaking our from his shirt and goes to a black bag attached to his waist with a belt. Every little bit you hear a little sound from the pump that’s working to push the chemo drugs into his body through his port. 
  Everything went really well this morning! His kidney function was great! His blood counts were good. The doctor we saw this morning told us something new. She pointed out something called LDH on his bloodwork. It is something they look at as an indicator for the level of cancer present. It started out in the 320 range. Normal range is 140-280. Today Kenny’s LDH level was at 262! That doesn’t mean we think Kenny is out of danger. It just means that the chemo is working and things are getting better. 
  Kenny was a little nervous to have his port accessed for the first time. It has still been a bit tender around the site and he thought it might hurt pretty bad. We were pleasantly surprised to find out it didn’t hurt at all!  It looked like the nurse was putting a thumbtack in the wall. Just one quick push and that was it. I think she was entertained by Kenny’s many questions.  She ran a bag of steroids first  and then hooked him up to the chemo pump. We go back tomorrow at 11:30 for a refill. 
  Kenny has felt really well so far. He was able to accompany his guys on a delivery this afternoon. Life goes on...... Goodnight and God bless each one. 


March 16, 2020

Good morning friends,
  We are in the waiting room at the Oregon oncology specialists, waiting to get Kenny’s blood drawn.  After the results from that come in we will be starting chemo through the port and be taking it home with us. I’m happy they didn’t stop me from coming up here with Kenny. They told us at the valet parking that I might not be allowed due to Coronavirus. Spirits are good, health is good, God is good.


March 12, 2020

I heard about this guy named Kenny that has cancer.. 
  Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure I’m awake and in the middle of all this. 
  Today was lab day. Blood counts all looked good. His Platelets (that’s what makes your blood clot so you don’t bleed out when you get cut) were down a little, but not bad. There was a red flag on his kidney function. It could just be that he hasn’t been drinking enough or it could be  it’s reacting from some meds that he’s been taking. She asked him to drink Tons of fluid and then come back tomorrow afternoon and get another blood test. She had him stop taking some of the medicine that he’s been taking for preventative measures as it is not necessary at this time. He was also still taking a diuretic pill they had him on in the hospital when he was so puffy from plenty of fluid. She discontinued that too. I have very good hopes that he will test much better tomorrow! 🙏
  If nothing changes it is still a green light for chemo vs Kenny round #2 on Monday. They tell us his chemo pump will fit in a little pack similar to the good ol’ fanny pack😏 
  Kenny has been hitting it pretty hard at work these last few days. He’s trying to get as many hay deliveries done as possible before he’s off work again. I think doctor Tiffany was a little concerned when he told her he had hand stacked 8 tons of hay before our visit today🤪
Actually, she said it was ok as long as it wouldn’t cause his port to flip over inside his chest. That would take surgery to fix. (duly noted!) 
  Thank you all for the cards letters and gifts you’ve sent our way! We’ve been so blessed. 🎶God will make a way where there seems to be no way, He works in ways we cannot see, He HAS made a way🎶