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Mar 07-13

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I went with Dad to his Wound Clinic visit on Friday. I won't go into the gross detail! I promise. We have not forgotten about the wound on his foot  (outside of left foot) that started this whole thing.

It was Oct 30th, so the Wound Clinic staff were dressed up in the theme of Sandlot! it was cute. Nurse Julie was great, she didn't even fire me from driving the wheelchair when I kept ramming it into the door jambs and furniture as we navigated to the treatment room.  

They looked at his wounds on his feet, as well the incisions from his surgeries to make sure they are healing well. They took pictures and measurements (and let Dad relax with a warm blanket and a cover over his eyes, so he was pretty cozy). Mandy ,the provider, came in to assess his wounds.  Then they talked with Dad about how things are looking and what the plan is next.

He will still need  part/some of his foot amputated. We have a referral for an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in feet and we hope to have an appointment this week or early next week for assessment and to make a plan.  He is currently non weight bearing on his left foot, except for quick transfers from bed to chair etc. because they don't want pressure on his wound.

So that is the update on his foot. He is doing well overall, considering he had a stroke a little over a week ago. I think Mom is going to write an update sometime today. 

If you want, leave a Well Wish for Ken/Dad. I think when he is ready, he will love to hear them and hear from you guys. 

Thanks again for your love and support. 

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