Nikki Wilson|Nov 4, 2020
Ken we hope you heal well and quickly! <3 Grateful to have you guys in our ward and as our neighbors! Glad you have such fabulous, strong women (Mary Lue, Liz, Catherine and more) around you to love and nurse you back to health! <3 <3 <3
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Melissa Ide-Laird|Nov 2, 2020
Ken thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery.
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Mary McCoy|Nov 2, 2020
What a network you have surrounding you, Ken!!! Everyone is pulling for your recovery!! Stay strong!!!
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Debbie Rasmussen|Nov 2, 2020
Ken! Praying for you every day. You are such a dear friend. I hate that you are going through all of this.
But you must recover soon! We have end of the world discussions to cover 😉
Love you Ken! ♥️
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