Honor Ken

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10 Tribute Donations

Gifted by George Capps

“In Honor of Ken Godfrey”

Gifted by David, Marcia, Nicholas and Eric Houser

“We're happy to support CaringBridge in your honor-what an invaluable resource. Glad you are doing well! You and your family are always in our thoughts”

Gifted by Deanna Hemmila

“Ken, your courage is an inspiration to all. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. You are missed.”
Jim & Nancy Wunderlich

Gifted by Jim & Nancy Wunderlich

“In honor of Ken Godfrey - Hang in there! Both you and Kathie are in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to seeing you in Springstead.”

Gifted by Julie & John Ryan Family

“In honor of Ken Godfrey. We look forward to more good news updates during your recovery! All our love, best wishes & prayers. God's blessings, Ken!”
Mark Pontti

Gifted by Mark Pontti

“In honor of Ken Godfrey - you have been a mentor since my days at NMU, and I continue to learn from you! Best wishes for continued strength!”

Gifted by Tim and Sue Burge

“In honor of Mr. Ken! You and Kathie are in our thoughts daily and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Birches this summer!”
Joe VanLinden & Maggie Mahoney

Gifted by Joe VanLinden & Maggie Mahoney

“In honor of Ken Godfrey.May God bless you with a successful transplant and a healthy return to Marquette and your NMU family!”

Gifted by Jean Paquette

“This web page is a wonderful way to follow your progress!! You are in my prayers!!”

Gifted by Barb Patrick

“In honor of Ken Godfrey What a relief to finally have all of the wheels turning in the same direction. Thoughts & prayers for you and Kathie.”