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Some of you may or may not know at four months old Kendall was diagnosed with Right Coronal Craniosynostosis. This Coronal suture runs across the top of the skull, almost from ear to ear. The suture closed prematurely. The skull does not grow on its own, instead, the brain is growing and puts pressure on the skull to get bigger.  When a suture closes, it does not allow for the brain to grow properly, therefore, the brain has to grow to the areas of the skull of least resistance creating disfigurement and potential brain pressure.  Although she has a mild case of this condition,  it was severe enough  for Kendall to have surgery at nine months old.  Both her cranio and neuro surgeons went in as a team, opened that fused suture, reconstructed her forehead while over compensating for future brain growth and reconstructed her right eye socket.  Sweet baby Kendall handled it beautifully.  She never shed one tear except when she was hungry. The Lord has and continues to have his hands all over our child.  

That was almost 10 years ago and unfortunately this condition never goes away until the brain stops growing.  Thankfully, her brain has reached 85 percent of its growth, therefore, this should be her last surgery as the surgeons will overcompensate with their reconstruction for that remaining anticipated brain growth.

So, this is why everyone is reading this now.  After our appt in Dallas, last year, Kendall’s doctor confirmed an additional reconstruction surgery is needed this year. Kendall’s Cranio Vault Reconstruction surgery is scheduled for Tuesday March 6th at 7:00 a.m. at The Craniofacial Center in Dallas, TX. 


Newest Update

Journal entry by Alexess Swoope

Good evening, Team Kendall!

Sorry so slow with my update, but I’ve had a difficult time finding a free moment to collect my thoughts and compose.

Thank I thought everyone would be interested to know we took Kendall back to Dallas for her post op appointments this past week.  

Her first appoint was her photo shoot.  This one is always awkward.  She doesn’t like having to hold this sign with her name on it and she then she has to position her head in all these crazy positions.  She says it just weird, but mostly embarrassing.  It looks like those pictures criminals have to take on TV in jail or something.

After that she saw Dr. Joyce Chan, super sweet doctor that does 120 measurements of her entire skull/facial area every time she sees her.  What she does is so very important.  This information is given to her Cranio and Neuro surgeons that help them to decide what adjustments need to be made and where to make them during surgery.  

 Her parting words of wisdom were , You be very careful, Kendall!  You have very expensive head!  😂
It is so very interesting how the entire process work.

Next up she saw her Neuro surgeon Dr. David Sacco.  He is super interesting and loves motor cycles.  

He did the Ole infamous Finger to the Nose Trick (back and forth, then back and forth and so on and so on).  By the time this test was over my head hurt and my eyes crossed. 

He told Kendall she passed the Grocery Store Test.  Kendall said Oh Really! What is that?  He said, “if someone sees you in the grocery store they would never know you just had a major surgery.”  He said everything is healing beautifully!  

He shared his special story with her.  He went jogging one morning around 5:00 a.m. down a trail.  He tripped and fell into a big hole full of poison oak.  He had to get shots to get rid of it.

 Lastly, but certainly not least, she saw her BFF, Dr. Jeffrey Fearon.  These two have such a sweet relationship.  His compassion and love for her is amazing and vice versa.  

 He let her know that her incision has healed wonderfully.  That all her necessary milestones have been met up to this point.  She still has quite a bit a healing to do interally but she can resume doing anything she wants.  She let him know NO MORE HEADACHES!   This is the most important goal of your surgery was releasing that brain pressure.  Hallelujah!

 She told him she wants to cheer.  He said, “then you cheer.”  She told him she wants to be a flyer in cheer.  He said, “then you should fly, Kendall.”  Do not let this or anything else slow you down one bit in life.  She told him it hasn’t and she wasn’t lying!

 We go over some details, visit some more,  and he says, “see you when you turn 15 years old.”  Unless you want to come see me for no reason at all. Just call first!  Be sure to send me pictures every year on the anniversary of your surgery.

 We want to thank everyone for all the love and prayers for Kendall and our family during this time.  Not to mention the special gifts from little BFF’s for Kendall and all the delicious food brought to us by all our friends and family.  It was so nice not having to prepare meals, so I could focus on snuggling and trying to catch Kendall with a dip net running in the house.  That was so very special and nice.  It always would come at the perfect time.  God knows the time🙏🏻

 Our family shared such a special experience together through this all.  We are so blessed to be able to share it with everyone we love as well.  The prayer meter was high.  We love you all and thanks for helping our baby heal through your prayers.  

Mostly, we thank God for answering all our prayers.  He brought us all together and put Kendall back together🙏🏻

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