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June 02, 2020

It’s so amazing to think how far Kendal has come.  Today she got her final line out (we had to take the other one out at home last week due to it slipping). 
She was released to activity as tolerated with no restrictions & took full advantage of the release by getting out on the softball field!!  She got in a little fielding, bunting & slapping & even some running said it felt great!!   Not 100% but was absolutely wonderful to see her getting back to her old self!!

Aside from having to take enzymes every time she eats for either 2 more months or forever, she’s completely released with no anticipated future issues related to the tumor!!  God is Great!!❤️


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May 19, 2020

Kendal is a rock star & making great progress!! Instead of reducing her TPN to 8 hours as planned this morning the doctor surprised us and decided to reduce it to 0!!!  They stopped the infusion in the office & removed her PICC line two weeks ahead of schedule! 
Drains unfortunately have to stay a little longer but she’s making great progress to getting back to normal.  She was also released to start light exercise & should be released to full activity by the end of June!! 
All great news today & hopefully in 2 weeks at her next appointment drains will be removed & she’ll be well on her way to getting back to normal! 


May 13, 2020

Kendal had a follow-up yesterday & was given the green light to finally start eating & drinking again!! (Which means the rest of us can eat & drink now too without the guilt complex she imposes🤣). 
Thankfully there was a Jimmy Johns close by which I think she could eat every day if we let her. 
She does have a few dietary restrictions but she’s okay with them since they don’t exclude turkey subs:).  The other great part was they cancelled her oncology appointment as the doctor is comfortable he removed the entire tumor & that her risk of pancreatic cancer is the same as anyone else’s.

She still receives 16 hours of TPN daily so hopefully with that and eating now she can start to gain some weight back.  She also still has the drains in for a little while longer. 
She really does not have much if any pain which is amazing but her endurance is pretty diminished.  Since she’s not so good at taking it easy we decided to start her now with a trainer to work back gradually.   It will be a long road for her so hopefully getting a head start now will help. 
She’ll follow-up again next week & if all goes well, hopefully the doctor will reduce her TPN down to 8 hours a day! All in all she’s doing great & is on the road to a full recovery! 


May 6, 2020

Good morning!
We are all home & settling in to our new normal. Yesterday was a bit busy getting everything situated with Kendal including a visit from the home care infusion nurse, pharmacy calls etc.  She continues to receive TPN infusions over 16 hours of each day.   Once the pharmacy makes up the bags, they only last a couple of days so thankfully the pharmacy seems to have a good system in place & will get us everything we need.  Kendal is doing so much better after being home & able to sleep in her own bed.  She's been very busy catching up with friends (virtually) and starting back on her e-learning.  When she's not working on school or talking to friends she's normally telling us about every food she is going to eat once she is allowed to eat again.  At this point we don't know when that will be other than maybe 2 weeks or 6 weeks depending on how she does.  Once she's allowed I'm pretty sure we'll be at Starbucks and Jimmy John's a lot!:)
Until she is eating again, her drains have to stay in place.  She's sick of them too but is doing great with them.
Both kids follow-up in Indy next week so hopefully we'll have all good news from here out!  


May 04, 2020

We’re headed home!!! 


May 02, 2020

Kendal is doing really well & was unhooked from her IV nutrition in time to walk outside & watch the flyover.  
Latest plan is for to go home Monday (hopefully at the same time as Kolten). She’s ready!! 



May 01, 2020

Wha a difference 24 hours makes - I feel like we’ve been here before but this time we can say that with a lot more optimism. 
The recent medication issue has completely resolved & Kendal is feeling so much better today.  She’s been able to get up & walk, shower on her own & completed some physical therapy. 
She’s still pretty sleepy when she’s not up and going but we she just looks & acts stronger. 
We’re still figuring out the plan ahead but as of right now she should be released home on Monday at the latest.  (We’re hopefull to coordinate it so she can be released when Kolten is released from his hand surgery so we can take them home at the same time). 
She will go home with a PICC line & receive all her nutrition through that line for 1-6 weeks.  Hopefully we can get that worked out to infuse at nights so she’s “unhooked” during the day.  She likely will have the drains in place during that time as well but she’s adjusted well to them & they shouldn’t bother her too much. 
She is only complaining of minimal pain at this point which is pretty well controlled with Tylenol.  
All in all we can finally say she’s doing great & well on her way to a full recovery. 
In all the med chaos I forgot to post the biggest news - the final pathology came back benign!!! Such a relief.  It’s a tough journey for her but she’s on the road to a full recovery!! 
Thank you again to everyone for the encouraging words, & prayers.  It’s meant a lot to her to read them & know she’s has amazing people rooting for her:)


April 30, 2020

Today feels like it’s been 50+ hours long and right now it’s only 2:00. 
Kendal had a great night last night & pretty minimal pain despite decreasing some pain meds.  The drainage also seemed to slow down a bit.  Two doctors came in and for the first time started talking to her about what she needs to do so she can go home.  Specifically she needs to start eating & drinking.  A couple hours later her surgeon came in & after viewing her drains he advised she needs to stop eating & drinking to rest the pancreas.  He also ordered a ct & advised she will be getting a PICC line today but could possibly go home tmrw since I can manage her PICC line nutrition.  
After her CT she came back with her eyes rolled back and tongue protruding. They immediately ordered and completed a ct to rule out a stroke.  Ct was negative so next up was an EEG to rule out a seizure.  Results are still pending but in the mean time her surgeon was advised of the situation & he felt she was having another reaction to a medication.  The reaction is still causing her eyes & next to roll back & her whole body to tense up.  The symptoms could last 8-12 hours.  There is a anti-Parkinson’s med they can “try” but at this point no one is comfortable with the idea of trying any new meds! 
After this roller coaster of a day, they’re now thinking it could be 3-5 more days before she’ll be able to go home.  She’s should still get the PICC line later today & hopefully can resr while the medication wears off.