Kelly’s Story

Site created on August 12, 2018

Our Kelly was involved in a serious bicycle accident on August 12th and sustained serious head injuries. She has had multiple surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain. She is currently in the ICU in Critical condition. 

Please keep sending positive energy, healing thoughts and prayers.  She needs all of it! If you would like to help Kelly there is a GoFundMe link on this page under personal fund raiser and all of these funds go to helping Kelly in her journey to healing. If you would like to donate to CaringBridge those donations help CaringBridge keep operating which we are grateful for but those funds don't go to Kelly.

We can’t wait for Kelly to get back to her favorite things: working out, running, biking, pool days, patios, the Seahawks, Golden Girls, NKOTB, texting, selfies, Bitmojis, a cold beer, nachos, THE CLUB, catching up with friends, helping a coworker, Rojo, Crave, The Cardinal, The 1029, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico, quoting a movie, PRIDE 🌈, dancing to Prince, the Wild, SEATTLE, the beach, St. Patrick’s Day (favorite holiday 🍀), watching Dexter, celebrating her birthday, Moorhead, SPUDS, gathering with her family.... the list goes on!   

Newest Update

Journal entry by Mary Cheasick

Hi everyone,
Kelly asked me to share this today.    Please continue to keep Kelly and her caregivers in your thoughts and prayers.    Mary

From Kelly:

Thank you to everyone that has followed this website. To think how close I was to death and to have everyone following this, it makes my heart happy. Thank you to the various nurses and doctors in this journey and for making me live and feel ok again. Thank you to my therapists at Bethesda and Regions and Courage Center for getting me strong again. I can’t believe the outpouring of support I have had from everyone and it means a lot to me. This road is a long one and it’s a hard road with this brain injury but I’m getting stronger every day and I feel confident I will “get back to normal” soon. This has me appreciating all the little things in life and all the people I know! My right leg is still weaker than my left and my right arm is weaker as well. But I am trying to work out and make these things stronger, too. It’s all a process and I am doing the work necessary. I hope to get back to the cities soon and get back to my apartment that I miss. Right now, I’m in Moorhead, my hometown at my mom’s house. 



Kelly really appreciates and enjoys hearing from all of her friends   … via text, FaceTime, phone or email.

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