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Site created on November 3, 2020

Keith underwent his 2nd open heart surgery 15yrs ago.  On Monday, 11/02, he went into the hospital with very high fevers.  They discovered that the valve he has had been growing a horrible infection for at least the past 6 months.  They are fighting the infection with antibiotics although they still can’t be sure which type of infection is growing.  They are holding off surgery until Monday, 11/09, to buy more time in hopes of discovering which type of infection is growing and the root cause.  Anyone who knows Keith knows he’s a fierce Godly man who loves his family and never stops working.  He puts everyone above himself and still being in the hospital is mostly worried about the kids and I as well as his clients.  Keith and I raise 5 kids together who love him dearly and are all doing their best in this time.  We are so grateful to everyone for their support, prayers, and love shown to our family in this time.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jamie Martens

As awful as this has been, the family time it’s allowed us to have has been priceless.  The kids have been so loving with their Dad.  They look forward to going on walks with him, cuddle with him when he’s too tired to do to much, and they all have spoiled him with constant love.  That has been amazing to watch.  Thankful for the good that stems from the bad.  We wouldn’t have been able to get through any of this without all of you incredible people who have surrounded our family with so much love, support, and prayers... we thank you endlessly!  With Covid becoming more and more overwhelming to our community, I worry about Keith going back to work and increasing his chances of picking it up somewhere.  Working at UCI and seeing how this disease is just taking over makes this more and more of a concern.  I know the reality is that we can’t afford for him to stay on disability too much longer, but I also know that there is nothing more valuable to me than my husband and his well being.  This week we have an appointment with his infectious disease Doctor and we’ll discuss his thoughts on what is safest for Keith.  Thank you all so so much for caring for our family in this time.  We are beyond grateful 🤍

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