Honor Keith

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“To a HERO of life, love and caring for others.”

— Paul A> Jasin

— Michael Hays and Vicki Love

“In honor of Keith Friend, a truly inspirational gift from God.”

— Anonymous

— Anonymous

“Thank you, Keith, for showing us how to face indescribable difficulty with grace, dignity, and an unconquerable spirit, all of which are empowered by the God in Whom you have placed your trust, and your eternity. You have inspired us!”

— Mike & Joyce Beard

“Keith, your strength and courage throughout this terrible time is an example to us all. God Bless you.”

— Charlie Pratt

“Thank you for all the energy and love you have shared with your many posts. You have been such a tremendous example to me to take each day as it comes and make the very most of what you have.. May tremendous blessings be bestowed on you all.”

— With Love, Cathy McCauley (IBMer)

“In honor of Keith Friend, my son-in-law, friend, and a second son to me. Our entire family loves him.”

— Gene 'Ole papa' Boren

— Our prayers with you, The Autrey Family

— Anonymous