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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

We did a mix of therapies today, but not a ton of them. But what we did went really good. We did a couple of speech therapy exercises and we walked outside this morning. In fact, Kaylee walked 2,070 feet this morning! She is already pushing half a mile and I'm pretty sure she would walk that if I suggested keeping on with it. She had a headache throughout the day. She started the day out taking medicine for it, but didn't need any at the end of the evening. And she really didn't complain about them throughout the day, just said her head hurt about three times during the day, but did not really say anything in between those. Of course, she rarely complains anyway, but at least it wasn't all day.
She ate two scrambled eggs for breakfast and then wondered if she was going to need a snack before lunch, but she made it. She then asked about doing therapy and wanted to make sure we did some speech therapy today and was excited to try out the brain games book we had. I love having her ask and want to do this work. We went outside and walked. She did great. Her balance is really doing good. It's not back to where it was before the wreck, but it still amazes me to see her walking like this after knowing where she was. I walk beside her, but I don't hold her at all, she does all of the walking and balancing totally on her own. We came back inside to rest and cool down. She had put on a pair of shorts to walk in and do her other exercises, but she didn't like them. She took them off and put on the original pair of shorts she had on earlier and told me I could put the other pair somewhere else or put them in the trash. I said we won't throw them away, but maybe just keep them as a last resort. Then I said "keep them as a last reshorts." Yes, that is a Dad joke for sure. But the main thing is she thought it was funny, or laughed out of pity.
On the speech therapy side, we did a couple of exercises in the brain games book. The first one was called Elevator Words. There were seven descriptions that you had to solve. All of the answers were two-word answers, and the second word of the first answer would be the first word of the next answer. It was super hard, even for me so we didn't get too far on it, but she got a couple of them and I helped her with a couple and when we got to one I couldn't even answer, I said it was enough. Then we did one called "Roundabout." It is this grid of blocks and there are all of these arrows between those blocks that tell you the math that has to be done to answer the blank blocks. So there is a double arrow between the blocks that has the number 10 and you have to figure out the two numbers that add up to 10 and fill them in the blank boxes that then will correspond with the next set of boxes and math. And some of those boxes have math that involves four boxes. It's all math and figuring out how the flow needs to go get the answers needed to get to the next blocks, and I had to help her some to start it, but once she got going, she did really good with it. Here and there, she would get the given answer for the math problem confused and do the math including it instead of solving for it. But for a first try at something like this, I thought she did great and once she got going, she really did move right along on them. It was really cool to see how excited she got when she started solving them without needing my help explaining it. I'll attach it for you all to see. Then she did a word search, which she has always loved.
Dawn and her daughters, Mackinlee and Morgan, came by to see Kaylee this afternoon. Mackinlee had drawn and colored a picture of sunflowers that she had been wanting to give to Kaylee. It was really good and Kaylee loved it. It was really sweet of her. We all sat out on the back deck until it was time for Kaylee's nap. It's always great to visit with family.
After her nap, she got her barn quilt back out and finished it up. She only had a couple of the petals left and then some touch up work. She is really happy with it. I'll need to put a hanger on the back so we can put it on one of the walls. Even though no one but us is coming into the house right now, we all want to have it where we can see it regularly.
We had dinner this evening and hung out in the living room. We played a couple of games and then Kaylee started a new Twitter account. She had gotten locked out of the other one during her non-use and we could not get her back into it for anything. She started a new account and spent a little while adding friends back on. Kids and technology!
She decided to try the living room out again tonight to sleep. She told me not to take it personally if she had to wake me up again and then get me to go to my room if I'm snoring. I told her that I wouldn't take it personally and I hope that I don't snore. I really hope I don't. I don't want to bother her, but also because I just don't want to be away. That girl is so wonderful to be around and I don't want to miss anything with her.

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