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Aug 14-20

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You guys been wanting a update on my life? Well here you go. Currently in the hospital AGAIN fighting my last aggressive round of chemo before the oral drug. I have to tell you ya girl is wiped out but yet I’m trying to take it all in & keep myself together & be strong😭 

I had to come to the hospital Monday feb 22nd around 11:30 with nausea constipation mild fatigue & just feeling awful. It had been going on for the weekend but I just tried to wing it out as always. 

Come to find out I get here & my sugar is super high like sky rocket high out the roof so they started me on some insulin. They haven’t been able to get my sugar down & believe it’s from the new drugs I’m on with the chemo. Keep me in your prayers guys I’ll be back with a update soon❤️

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