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February 23, 2021

You guys been wanting a update on my life? Well here you go. Currently in the hospital AGAIN fighting my last aggressive round of chemo before the oral drug. I have to tell you ya girl is wiped out but yet I’m trying to take it all in & keep myself together & be strong😭 

I had to come to the hospital Monday feb 22nd around 11:30 with nausea constipation mild fatigue & just feeling awful. It had been going on for the weekend but I just tried to wing it out as always. 

Come to find out I get here & my sugar is super high like sky rocket high out the roof so they started me on some insulin. They haven’t been able to get my sugar down & believe it’s from the new drugs I’m on with the chemo. Keep me in your prayers guys I’ll be back with a update soon❤️

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November 27, 2020

Hello everyone. 

Just wanted to stop by & let you guys know some things. 

Number 1: I had a awesome thanksgiving with my mom sister stepdad & grandparents. We are & me & my little sister attempted to put up the Christmas tree which was a fail but we will finish it this weekend lol🤣🤣

Number 2: I finished my 2nd round of chemo which was pretty aggressive 2 weeks ago. Now I have a bone marrow biopsy Wednesday & by December 8th I should know what day I’ll start my next round of chemo which consist of me only having chemo treatments every 10 days(not aggressive as the last round) so that’s a good thing. 🙌🏾

Number 3: The doctor said I can go back to school next semester. I’m so excited I registered for my classes on Wednesday morning. I might have to go on campus for my chemistry class if the professor says I can’t do virtual but hopefully he is understanding because of my condition.  

Number 4: I’m able to go to some small stores & take out places. I could go to stores that don’t have that many people in it. I can go to the grocery stores preferably in the mornings. But no restaurants or malls yet. 

Number 5: I’m happy to still be alive & greatful to have finished my 2nd round of chemo. 2 more rounds & then I’ll be on my oral drug for 2 years then i should be ready to go back to work by like March. Continue to pray for me love you guys❤️🤞🏾

November 10, 2020

Hey guys..... 

Haven’t posted in a while or updated everyone is such a long time...... I’ve been going thru a few things with the chemo & being a little sick from it. Some nausea some stomachaches fatigue & feeling pretty much weak. Just wishing things will go back to normal so i can be cancer free soon. For my 21st birthday in January i just want to be cancer free with a testimony & story to tell. Continue to pray for me everyone. I needed 2 units of blood tonight because my hemoglobin was pretty low.....🥺

October 11, 2020

Sorry guys it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me on here..... Life is good & going good so far i can say 

My hair has started to shed some...it has bothered me but then again I’ll still be cute LOL LOL. 

I had a blood transfusion last week & now today I’m currently getting a platelet & blood transfusion. My counts are expected to go down & up & down. It’s normal with this type of cancer🤷🏾‍♀️

I haven’t been sick i just been living life trying to feel as normal as possible. Love you guys 😘

September 30, 2020

Goodmorning everyone🧡

Remission chemotherapy Part 1 went well yesterday despite the fact I had to be there for 8 hours...... first I had to draw labs at 8:15 then I had to go upstairs to wait to be called for chemo. I checked in at 8:37 & didn’t get called back until 11:15am. Of course the one of the lab machines would break down on the day i have chemo for 7 1/2 hours JUST GREAT🤦🏾‍♀️ Luckily i packed a lunch & the receptionist gave me a $5 food gift card so i was stuffed yesterday. I had a 2 peanut butter jelly sandwiches a salad 4 bags of chips 2 sodas some water & i binge watched my show & relaxed & was very comfortable. 

Had a bed in the room & the chair was comfortable it was fun actually lol.......

So far i feel pretty good no nausea my hair is shedding just a little bit little to no pain..... i feel good. 

Yes i have cancer but cancer will not have me i will fight this with the love & support of my family & friends & my strength❤️🙏🏾

September 27, 2020

It’s a beautiful Sunday today the weather is nice not too cold the wind is blowing slightly it feels amazing out here😩

Yesterday was my drive by event thingy which turned out super nice. The orange decorations came together a nice amount of people showed up & support me it was very nice. I had lots of fun. 

After me my boyfriend parents grandparents & aunt & a few of my cousins sat in the backyard & ate brats hotdogs & cookies courtesy of my stepdad on the grill.......

I am still keeping my faith & pushing. 
I’m going to rest a lot today & try to walk around the block or something just to make sure my muscles don’t get stiff. OH & I’m going to eat some Popeyes chicken lol. Peace out guys✌🏾

September 25, 2020

Went to the doctor today guys. 

I AM IN REMISSION YES REMISSION. I still have a billion cancer cells in my body BUT the treatment is working. The chemotherapy is working out. 

I’ll still have chemotherapy so far for the next 4 months. Next week I start my new chemotherapy schedule on Tuesday. It’s going to be a super long day for me. Hope all goes well which i know it will. I’ll probably take my kindle some snacks some food all sorts of stuff lol. 

Today my doctors appointment was annoying UGH! I had to wait like a hour just to draw blood & then wait some more for my doctor to come in the meeting was like a hour discussing everything & then had to get my dressing change for my pick like in my arm😩😭...... I was getting so restless guys irritated hungry had to use the bathroom & everything more. My stepdad could tell i was getting frustrated & had to calm me down. 

Well now I’m at the shop getting my real hair done.....

Sucks to say i can’t go out or be around a lot of people for the next 2 months my immune system is very weak. No grocery stores malls. Just really walking in my neighborhood. I’m sad but it’s my life now. 

I’m going to keep my faith I’m glad I’m in remission now cancer you can’t stop or beat me but i can stop & beat YOU! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 

Love you guys🧸

I thank God for being in remissions. I’m going to keep my faith keep myself busy at home & live my cancer. You can’t beat me cancer but i can beat YQQQQ

September 24, 2020

Day 28🎈🎉

No more hospital stay & I am home❤️🙏🏾 

I feel so blessed this morning I came home to my new room comfy room I had a good night sleep besides my night sweats where I had to get up & change my clothes 2 times last night UGH.....😩

After that I slept very comfortably 

Feeling blessed & good...💃🏽🧸