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Sep 13-19

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We’re at 28 months and doing well. My daughter Elsa drove across the country in her Prius, and arrived yesterday to spend some time with us. She and I are going camping for a few days after Labor Day. 

It’s a scary time in IA; our insane governor is rejecting all sense, science, and White House recommendation to keep Iowans safe. Unfortunately, she is not up for re-election this year.

The city where Daniel works - Ames, at Iowa State University - has the highest infection rates in the country, and Iowa City where my oncologist practices at the University of Iowa is following closely behind Ames. Daniel is on campus every other week. 

In addition, studies are now emerging tallying the effects of Covid-19 on cancer patients in general and lung cancer patients in particular. Death rates for all cancer patients contracting Covid hovers around 25%, and between 40-55% for lung cancer patients, depending on the study. 

Staying positive (and alive!) while facing the twin threats of cancer and Covid, extended social isolation, closely circumscribed lifestyle, and the concomitant curtailed freedom of movement (don’t even get me started on the whole “America fuck yeah, my freedom, my choice to not wear a mask or socially distance” attitude) is a real challenge, and it’s truly difficult to not wish ill upon those who are fueling this dumpster fire. To be frank: the wrong people are dying. 

I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. 

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