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July 31, 2020

Katie opted to drive up alone for her MRI yesterday and was home before noon. 💕  

A week from Monday she will have two pic lines placed under her chest, as she prepares for chemo. Katie continues to be optimistic and trusts, in faith Jesus will pull her through this quickly! Keep those prayers coming!

——————————— RIPPLE effect

Let me share how the kindness of God keeps our hearts and minds at peace. Some things I share may be redundant - however I feel compelled to document how His right hand leads us on this journey of suffering.

Three days ago - after I had read that Asa didn’t seek God, but only physicians  - Bob and I called our Pastor and the elders to come pray over Katie.

The morning reading in 2 Chronicles 19 and 20 just hours before they were to arrive, brought hope and direction.

First Jehoshaphat was up against a battle he had  no power to face (similar to us with this cancer). Verse 12 “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” Reminding me once again, He’s got this!!

Further down some instructions were given before heading out to war;

 “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but Gods.”

“...bow down in worship”

“....have faith”

Jehoshaphat put together an assembly and appointed people to sing and praise God. As they marched on the frontlines - the Lord set ambush.

So... without me being aware of what was being organized- the evening I greeted our Pastor and the prayer team, leading them into my home, my small group + others ‘assembled’ on my driveway to worship!

As we were praying in the home - the sweet sound of Praise and Worship floated through out the room, like a gentle spring breeze. As this miracle of healing prayer and anointing with oil was taking place, these verses all flooded my mind - bringing all of us hope in the tears! Praise and worship were on the frontlines, preparing the way for the battle!!

Throughout the evening a common phrase was used, ‘ripple effect.’ Many attempted to encourage Katie was the fact her faith during all this is having a RIPPLE effect on those around her. Do I desire a less taxing journey for my girl - absolutely!! However, we will use this pain to continue to bring God glory!

My small group (ladies I have met with, studied with, cried and laughed with) - for almost a decade has prayed over this RIPPLE effect. We came up with a fun acronym 

R - Rise up
I - Intentional 
p - Praise
P - Prayer
L - led by
E - Everlasting love of God

Weekly we will meet at the Town Green in Ladera, where miracles have happened. For an hour we will praise and pray, bow down and worship. Then  we will ‘march’ to a driveway of someone who could use a little touch from God - Praying and Praising over their home! 

Our hope and vision is to witness other pockets and communities doing to same!!

In a world filled with Fear and Anxiety- an unseen war destroying our country, I think it’s time to Rise up with Praise and Prayer to escort in Hope, Peace and Joy through Worship - let’s bring healing to our neighbors!

This morning a few of us are meeting to walk the streets and sing - God doesn’t need a building! We are being safe.

Thank you for your prayers and support! 

Katie has been overjoyed with the cards and sweet gifts that have been pouring in. We will be sharing with others on the frontlines once we check into CHLA!

We love you so much!

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