Thoughts & Well Wishes

Dutch Price | Jul 28, 2020
Hey Katie, my name is Dutch Price and my wife is Peggy. I am a pastor who just retired from the church and going into the field to work in men's ministry in hunting camps. I've been planning this for several years.

The reason I'm reaching out to you is for several reasons. #1 is to give you hope in healing. They call me the healing pastor because I've been blessed with that gift. Just to clarify...I dont heal...God does. #2 I sense in you a faith that receives healing and a strength that can only come from God. #3 You have a message to share because you are one tough women and other women need to hear where you get that strength. 

I will continue to follow your journey and pray with you. I'm sending you a prayer blanket that has knots tied in it. Every knot represents thousands of prayers from me and my prayer warriors. 

#4. If youve ever thought about hunting then when you are healed you can come hunt with us in the hills of West Texas. Dont worry about the expense. I'll take care of that. Love ya, Dutch
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Kristine McFarland | Jun 29, 2020
Hi Katie...It has been a very long time since I have seen you but I just finished reading about your journey in The Climb. I was struck by both your honesty, faithfulness and spunky spirit. When it would seem easy to give up on God and quit believing, you have used your life to inspire others to follow Christ. Your suffering has such selfless purpose, yet I will be praying for your upcoming treatment and health. The Lord knows the plans he has for you and all your days are clearly marked out. I pray you continue to trust and will never doubt how deep and wide the Lord's love for you truly is. Thank you for inspiring me Miss Katie Hawley! 
Colette Lankford | Dec 20, 2019

Dear Katie, 
Please know that you are covered with prayers every day, and so are your family and all the medical team who are taking care of you. Our Heavenly Father has you in the palm of His hand; He can perform amazing miracles, and He is the ultimate Healer.
Mary Kay, you are such a spiritual inspiration. You’re displaying such strong faith, it gives me a whole new perspective in a lot of things. I like the song you posted recently: Jesus, we are not asking for blessings, you do not owe us anything; we just need your presence in our lives.
You’re such a strong fighter because you know who’s fighting your battle for you!
I’m Lisa LaCasse’s friend from Wilderness Community Church in Spotsylvania, VA. We are praying for Katie every day.

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Lori Cousins | Oct 30, 2019
Hi Katie - I hope you're having a good week when you read this message and that your spirits are lifted with this lovely and refreshing Fall season approaching.  I recently learned of your ongoing journey towards recovery & health from your Aunt Lisa who has shared your CaringBridge profile link with our local Methodist church prayer network to allow us to send our heartfelt best wishes to you & to offer our sincere intercessory prayers on your behalf as you go through these challenges. 

As a fellow member of Wilderness Community Church in Spotsylvania, VA, I wanted to let you know that we are lifting you up in faith and trusting that our loving and merciful Heavenly Father will allow you peace of heart, frequent days of rest & comfort when you're not feeling well, and an extra dose of divine blessings to encourage you when facing stressful circumstances in your life.  Please believe that our compassionate Savior will provide all your needs and will send His angels to surround you and protect you when you face difficult times. 

May God Bless & Keep You in His Hands,


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Kelly Wilde & Kenadie Wilde | Aug 13, 2019
As it is getting closer to when my own daughter heads back to Baylor my thoughts are drawn more and more to Katie and your family.  She and you all are in my thoughts so much these days. Praying for continued healing and strength, physical and mental. Looking forward to the post about her packing up to head back to school in the spring.
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