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Journal entry by Cathy Allen

For those of you that were not able to attend the virtual memorial,  below you will find my closing from the service.  I bet if you ask nicely, Kim Warner might share the opening comments with this audience.  Big thank you to Bruce Bernhart for setting up the memorial.  It was nice to see everyone and celebrate Kathy,   

When I was asked to speak today, I immediately without hesitation said Yes, What an honor it is to be able to pay tribute to my fellow namesake Kathy,  the K1 to my C0. As soon as I read the message asking me to speak the word Impact popped into my mind.  And if I am, being totally honest with you just a few short seconds later the nerves set in. “Wow, what were you thinking,  you are no public speaker,  now don’t get me wrong I consider myself an expert Chatty Cathy, but when it comes to public speaking I am 100% chicken.  

So after my nerves settled down,  I got to the task at hand, picked up my iPad to start working again that word Impact popped in my head.  So I sent out an SOS to some folks and asked them this question, if you had to describe Kathy with just one word what word would you choose.  After I gathered the responses,  I immediately noticed two things,  no one chose the same word and everyone responded immediately.  No hesitation,  no time needed to think, no can I get back with you...., and I thought to myself- this is Impact!  I mean with this crew it’s an effort to land on a lunch spot and let’s not even get started on who’s gonna drive.  

To illustrate my point further,  I would like to share some of the responses I collected:  

Gorgeous-  I think she is beautiful inside and out
Witty- she could always make me smile even when I did not want to
Her Laugh- it was always a full belly laugh

Just look at the variety of words being used to describe the same person.  Ladies and Gentleman,  let me introduce you to our guest today...IMPACT,  
For me- what was so endearing about Kathy was her ability to be what each and every one of us needed.  For one person,  she would always ask about their kids and happily listen to the stories that mom would share.  For another, she proofread their manuscript and gave feedback on the content and for another, she was on Team survivor with them, they would always call each other to discuss the latest survivor episode.  Kathy wore many labels in her life,  daughter, sister, mom, friend, runner, programmer, comedian, scrapbooking queen but the most important one was she a GOOD person.

Kathy was able to mean so many things to so many people, and that’s exactly why we all sit here today feeling sad, filled with grief over the loss of this amazing person.  But What if we have it all wrong. 

Instead, I think today we should celebrate a meaningful life, a life that had a purpose and a life that had IMPACT. So pay tribute to Kathy by living each day to the fullest, fill each day with as much passion, love, and meaning as possible and be like Kathy!  

Rest easy my friend!  
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