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Welcome to Kathi Abell's CaringBridge website. We are using it to coordinate bringing meals to Kathi while she recuperates at Greg's house.  Please create a free CaringBridge account so we will know who you are when you post a comment or volunteer for a task.  To sign up to bring food, click on the "Ways to Help" button above, then click on the "Visit Your Planner" button.  On the June calendar you will see a link for "Provide Lunch and Dinner" each day.  Click on the link on the day you want to provide food, and a screen will pop up with instructions such as Greg's address and Kathi's food preferences. At the bottom is an "Accept this Task" link.  Click on it and that day will be assigned to you.  In the comments field please add what food you plan to bring and select Post, so we don't all bring the same food.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Karen Kaluzsa

Greg Abell needs our help providing lunches and dinners when Kathi comes home to his house this Friday, June 1st. Greg's address is 919 Kane Street in South Elgin. There will be a large, insulated cooler in the driveway where you can leave the food before noon on the day on which you have volunteered. We will begin by bringing meals each day, and if it becomes overwhelming with lots of food and leftovers then we will adjust the schedule to every other day -- I'll keep everyone posted.

Please be sure and add a comment with what you will be bringing so we can provide variety and not give Kathi the same food day after day. Greg said Kathi does not like spicy food or broccoli, and her food preferences are in flux so simpler meals might be better.

Thanks for your help!
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