Anne Johnson|Oct 13, 2019
Sorry, I can't believe I haven't checked my email in almost a week, OK not even almost - :( bad on me. --- Wow, more challenges, good luck with the cataract surgery Tuesday, I'm sure it will go well. Mine was easy peezy, I had to talk them into letting me go home without a companion, I had NO problems being on my own, but I did have to talk someone from work into giving me a ride home. Glad to hear Gabe's surgery went well, what a pill! Good luck also with the lung biopsy, soon I hope. My sympathies Charlie, I remember hot flashes. No fun at all, unless is was near zero, then I could go outside in my shirt sleeves and think it was 60 degrees. Look for a walk-in freezer. P.S. I really like the look for a joy every day. What a great idea!! Love and Hugs Annie
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Scott Simpson|Oct 9, 2019
Dear Kate,
Congratulations on finishing up the Foundation Trilogy. It seems that you and Charlie have been dealing with your own version of the Mule for sometime. Yin and I both wish you to be victorious and soon with good health.. Its good to hear news about Gables successful surgery . Charlie the cool fall weather and eventual snow may help - hot flashes, yipes . We send both of you our kind thoughts and blessings.
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Carole Horger|Oct 9, 2019
Sending love and wishes for the best outcome on the biopsy. Need anything?
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jamie bernstein|Oct 8, 2019
Thank-you Charlie for the update. I love the way Kate tells it as it will be a good day when she has a clear diagnosis. It has taken a long time. I can’t believe Gabe had to have bowel surgery , given all he has been through in his short life. Charlie what a blessing that you are through radiation, may it never return! Hot flashes beat cancer! We hope to see the two of you tomorrow let us know. If you need any help.
Jamie and Steve
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Mark Ellis|Oct 8, 2019
Kate, How is the trilogy? I have not read it. Kate, I do hope your situation stabilizes. I am sure you wish to return to cooking and quilting. I recall your excellent cooking well. Well, chin up, clear skies after rain. Charlie, a quick jog outside around the house after a hot flash could help. Mark
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Rich Levine|Oct 8, 2019
Dear Kate and Charles, Kim and I send our love, and support for the very best possible through all this struggle. In the midst of it all, I share the joy of knowing you.
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