Journal entry by Charles Ellis

I have had a string of really yucky days recently.  We missed Rosh Hashanah while I was getting yet another chest CT.  Kol Nidre will be a pass too.  I will marshall my energy for tomorrow morning services.
I am being seen now at National Jewish by Dr David Taryle.  The consensus is that I will need an open lung biopsy for diagnosis and treatment.  To that effect I am seeing a Dr Guber,a cardiothoracic surgeon, on Thursday.  The most recent chest CT showed a new nodule in the upper right lung.  One more thing to worry about.  Oh well, I will ask Dr Guber what his opinion is and what he recommends.
I also went to the eye doctor with some concerns about my changing vision.  Turns out that I have cataracts.  I am scheduled to have the first removed on 10/16 and the second on 10/30.  We will see! No pun intended of course.  The shit just keeps getting piled higher and deeper.
One good thing about these nasty days is that I am getting a lot of reading done.  I have nearly finished all of the Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov.
Charlie and I are working n the soul trait of joy, trying to find something joyful every day.
Not always easy.
Other breaking medical news....grandson Gabe had a small bowel obstruction.  Initially it was thought to be swallowed magnets.  But nooooo, he had swallowed a rubber glove,!!
He says he “can’t remember it.  He had a successful surgery to remove it and get everything flowing again.
Charlie has successfully completed his radiation treatments and is slowly getting his vigor back.  He is still on Lupron, a testicular blocker.  It causes hot flashes.  I recommended he stand in front of the AC (or the open freezer door)and flap his shirt. IMO everyone needs to experience at least one hot flash.
I am going to lie down and read some more.  Hope to see you tomorrow
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