Journal entry by Charles Ellis

After we got back Monday from the c.t. scan, around 6 pm, we were tired. Kate went to bed around 7. "Charlie, I need help!" Her feeding tube had popped out. Right out of her body. Kate being Kate, she plugged it with a Foley catheter (a #16, she said.) After a call to the on-call doc at our internists, he said to call her surgeon, "U.C. (urgent care) doesn't know what they're doing." In the a.m. she called Ed Smith, the surgeon who inserted the feeding tube. Out with a total knee replacement. Sigh.

We went to the E.R. A new feeding tube. Better. But. Her shortness of breath continued to be problematic. We saw Doctor Gidday, our internist, yesterday. The c.t. showed a new nodule on her lung. Dr. Gidday prescribed a steroid burst for the shortness of breath. She also gave Kate the number of a cardio-thoracic surgeon who can do her lung biopsy. This is the final step in the lung disease diagnosis.

Unfortunately, interstitial lung disease has at least two broad families of very different etiologies. The etiologies matter because how you treat them depends on their diagnosis. That means tissue samples and the lung biopsy is the only way to obtain them. Not sure whether this would include a look at that nodule or not.

It's been a very tough week for Kate. I'll let you know when we know more.
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