Anne Johnson|Sep 17, 2019
This is good news. Ditto Sarah, how you doin Charlie? Minnesota is unusually hot can you believe it. Love and hugs to everybody. Annie
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Sarah Johnson|Sep 17, 2019
Good to hear. How are you doing Charlie? Keep us in the loop on you too? Jerry and I are sending much love to you all. Sarah
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Carole Horger|Sep 15, 2019
Great news! Dr. Taryle is my pulmonologist, and I really do trust him.
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Paul Strickland|Sep 15, 2019
What a difference a year makes eh? Here's to continued progress. Thanks for the update Charlie.
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jane west|Sep 15, 2019
Such good news! It is so important to have
connection with one’s doctor...
Keep up the good work, and courage to you both going forward.
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jamie bernstein|Sep 15, 2019
Great news! Getting the right pulmonologist is so important. What a year! You are both resilient and smart. Kudos to you both!
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Rebekah Johnson|Sep 15, 2019
Dear Kate and Charlie, I remember that awful day well. What a year of tribulation both of you have been through and it is a testiment to your love and strength that you have not only survived but done so well. Love, BJ
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Mark Ellis|Sep 15, 2019
Kate and Charlie, It is good that Kate feels more comfortable with the new pulmonologist It is good that Kate's weight is stable. It is also good her stamina is up. It has been a tough time for both of you. I wish you both good health and good luck. Mark
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