Note about me


Forgot that most of you don't know about my cancer. I had prostate cancer diagnosed in 2015, my prostate came out, and all was good. Until it wasn't.

My PSA began to rise early this year. Not supposed to happen with no prostate. Flurry of activity, doctors, imaging studies. Conclusion: my prostate cancer had returned. Good news: no mets visible in either a bone scan or a ct of soft tissues.

I began a 35 session radiation protocol on June 17, the day after Father's Day. I'm done on August 6th, the anniversary of Hiroshima. In addition, on June 18th, I got a shot of Lupron, a testosterone suppressor. Both can have significant side effects, but so far, two weeks in, I feel fine. The Lupron shots will continue for at least six months. If I tolerate it well, perhaps as long as two years. Every 3 months.

The aim is a cure. I'm in favor.

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