Carole Horger|Oct 6, 2018
Sending prayers for your healing, Kate.
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Anne Johnson|Oct 4, 2018
Hi Kate and Charlie - I'll be there tomorrow morning, but I'm sending my hugs and good vibes on ahead of me. The lidocaine Tx sounds great, I'm wishing you a good night!! Still battling my network connectivity, so I'm becoming a frequent Library Patron! Can't wait for my window project to be done and also the de-clutter marathon so I can get an Apple tech out to get all my devises working right.
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Holly Nitsche|Oct 3, 2018
Oh.. Kate .. and Charley.. so sorry to hear of this.. I knew something was amiss and should hv emailed this weekend... our prayers and thoughts are with you... and can try to visit.. will let u know ahead of time.. soon.
get some aloe vera gel/juice in you to calm the intestinal lining.... after surgery!!!
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Seoah Jang|Oct 2, 2018 (edited)
Joe and I are thinking about you every day. We are praying for you and we will see you soon! We love you a lot and Murdoch says hi.
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jamie bernstein|Oct 2, 2018
HI Kate,
So glad you are through the surgery. I stopped by on Monday, hope you like the blueberries! I also hope the pain diminishes soon and that hemoglobin starts to rise. You are in my prayers.
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Marilyn Stechert|Oct 2, 2018
Kate, I wish you all the best and hope that you are soon feeling better. I am so glad that at last there is a plan in place.
With warm regards and hugs,
Marilyn Stechert
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Frances Lipowitz|Oct 2, 2018
Wishing you smooth sailing for your recovery with excellent outcomes. I'm glad they've figured out a path to healing for you.
Gentle hugs,
Fran L.
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Mark Ellis|Oct 2, 2018
Kate, Hi. I am in Amarillo. It is a bit hot here. I hope your situation stabilizes soon. I am sure the dogs are wondering how you are doing. Mark
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Scott Simpson|Oct 2, 2018
Kate and Charlie,
Yin and I send our thoughts and prayers of love and support for strength and healing.
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