Allan Thompson|Apr 27, 2020
I am a Director of Missions an associational missionary with Southern Baptists and work with churches in nine counties of southern WV and SW VA. I forwarded Karl's entry from Feb. 26 to all my pastors as one of the finest pieces of personal writing I've seen in a long time. Karl's honest, transparent, powerful images both touched me deeply and inspired me at the same time. Great testimony.
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Mario Cruz|Apr 25, 2020
Karl, you are one of the best life teachers I've ever known. When you first let me into your "First Presby" family, I felt a true acceptance and understanding. Your heart is on your sleeve and your thoughts are not stifled, but your capacity to embrace all others, and their sometimes different opinions, shows your sincere caring for Humanity. Gale and I love you and your wonderful family.
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Lynda Hamilton|Apr 24, 2020
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Patrick Sheppard|Mar 25, 2020
Absolutely beautiful Karl. I think we are all the poorer for the lack of contemplation we do about what it all means. I told a passenger on the ship when we were discussing our “gilded cage” environment while looking for a port that we really have nothing but gratitude to express to God. He is and always be in control, thank you for your constant reminder.
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Sharon Fanto|Mar 23, 2020
Karl today my prayers are for YOU. With all that is going on in the world, my thoughts and prayers are with YOU.
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Jimmy Alan Hall|Mar 23, 2020
My Love for you, Karl. You fill my heart with Love, as always.
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Joanne leslie|Mar 9, 2020
My heart and prayers for you dear Karl and your precious family.
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sharon fanto|Mar 8, 2020
Love you Karl Travis. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. Our lives are better because of you! My love and prayers are with you, Jaco and your family during this time .
I have a tee shirt that says PBPWMGIFWY
Please be patient with me God isn’t finished with me yet ! Xoxoxo
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Julie Screws|Mar 7, 2020
Hi Ka rl! You would have known me as Julie Jennings from First Pres in Tulia. Missy Stringer posted this journal entry and I was moved to read your whole story. I'm wishing I had stayed connected to you sonehow. I currently live in Raleigh NC. I would have visited you in Chapel Hill in 2015 and prayed and remembered stories about Korky. I didn't know then so I'll start praying now. I have health issues of my own (MS and in a wheelchair) and I'm aware of the difficulties in navigating healthcare. Anyway,I wanted to reach out and add my support to the many already in your corner. Take care and I wish you peace.
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Any Sweet|Mar 5, 2020
I love this and know that it was not easy to write. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable. Trusting and abiding in him is the best place to be!! Love and praying for you and Jaci!!!
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