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Sharon Fanto | May 1, 2020

Karl just got your book Who’s in your window ?
Love it so much and I just opened it !

“Presence is the greater present.
Tonight, God is present with you.
Tonight, God says, we will share the risk.
it is going to be all right.”

2nd story is Why We Wait 
Luke 2.22-38. And Mark 1.1-8

anxiety is the product of so wanting the future to unfold in a certain way that we worry in advance that it will not .....

excited to keep reading and praying for YOU Karl.


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Amelia Haltom | Apr 28, 2020

Although there are many special memories of our time together, the most cherished one of mine is your meditation for Gary's Memorial Service.  You also referred to him in a subsequent sermon (a rarity, you told me).  Kerby and I are deeply appreciative of your words and your guidance.  And we want to say thank you, again.  Our love is extended to you and all your family.  Amelia
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Laura Prestwood Thompson, PhD | Apr 26, 2020
Karl: you and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Daily my own father asks about you and asks to be remembered to you. He is rather fond of you and your ministry. He says, "You're the real deal". We all pray for you and know that God is lifting you up and holding you in his hands. We pray for continued strength, grace, laughter and love. Peace my dear friend.
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David Fletcher | Apr 25, 2020

Karl, my friend!
Thinking about you stirs my heart to rise in gratitude.  Who you appear to be is Who you are!
Your generous and honest sharing in relationships is such a gift and witness to others!  Any others!

I have a quote above my messy desk at home:
            "I thank you God
                for most this
                amazing day..."
                      e. e. cummings
It strikes me and sustains me every day I read such a simple
and honest thought, be it morning early and evening late.

And, today "I thank God for you..."
                        j. d. fletcher

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