Thoughts & Well Wishes

Marie Fjeldsted | Oct 14, 2018
Karin..stay strong ..each day hour by hour..I have seen a lot in my nursing career and as a mom 2 1 child with a rare liver disorder and a mentally disabled child..stay positive..I've heard of a lot of miracles...and had a lot if down days)))..🤘👌💖💖💖
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Lindsay Crudo | Sep 18, 2018
Please know that all of us at Citadel are sending positive thoughts your way.  You are a truly amazing girl.  Your focus, dedication, strength, and fabulous sense of humour are all attributes that will serve you well in facing this illness. 
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Sebastian Hamberger | Sep 18, 2018
I spent many days wandering the hallways of BC Children's Hospital and many night sleeping next to my daughters Nellie and Cindy's bedsides over the years in what at the time often seemed scary are now but fond memories. Both are doing well today.  Karin know that you are in a great place and getting the best possible care. You will pull thru this.  I have been working with your Dad at the Burnaby Refinery for many years, he is a rock and he will help you thru this time of trial.     
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