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Robin Lloyd | Jan 13, 2020
Your Mother, Your Angel

© Natasha Jordan 

You look back on memories you forgot you had,
And at times you'll smile even though it hurts so bad.

Your mother is a special woman and no one can take her place,
You'll find a piece of mind when you remember he smiling face.

Your mother is an angel now she flies high above the rest,
and in your hearts always and forever she will be the best.

She has earned her wings and it's time for her to fly,
I know it hurts no one is ever ready to say good-bye.

She knows you do not understand and that you cry at night,
But as you finally drift of to sleep let her memory hold you tight.

She will be your guardian angel through the rest of your life,
Helping lead you on the path between what' wrong and right.

your mother loves you so very much and her love will always remain true,
Please don't ever think for a second that your mother will forget you.

A mothers love is like no other in the whole world,
d she has the most wonderful memories of a little boy and girl.

She has taken them with her as she's flown away,
Up to Heaven free of pain which is her new home to stay.

So although you can not see her and you wish she could be there,
Your mother can always hear you and your mother will always care.

A mother does not forget the two greatest loves of her life,
And she loved nothing more than being your mommy, and your daddy's wife.

She is so proud of her family and that's in her heart to stay,
Even though she's and angel and has had to fly away.

So as you cry your tears remember your mothers love,
Being sent to you from her, from the beautiful Heaven above.

She will be there through your good times, she will be there through your bad,
She'll be there when you are happy, she'll be there when your sad.

Your mother has become and angel now, it is her time to fly,
And you will never know how bad it hurt me to watch you have to say good-bye.

Cindy Esquivel | Jan 10, 2020
35+ years of friendship with these girls!!! So many great memories and laughs!!! Karen was a beautiful person inside and out!!! I always looked up to her and Rosanne as my big sisters. We will miss her dearly but glad she is not suffering anymore.  Our hearts go out to you Mar, Kris, Kory and your family’s. XOXOXO 
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Robin Lloyd | Jan 10, 2020
I will not be eliquent in my words, so I will apologize right in the beginning for this.

Karen, from the first time that I met you at the first Lloyd family gathering, I found that you were outgoing and very social. You always made me feel like part of the family. I remember the time that all of the ladies ( Mom Lloyd, Janet, you  Karen, Pat and I) took a pottery class right before I got married to Tim.  It was so nice to see you in a different element. The teacher in you came out right away.
I remember visiting you at your apartment in Hinsdale, after I got off work, when I worked Midnights at Dial, we just talked, just you and I.
More recent, the girls went to The Abby REsort for a weekend to celebrate Laura's completeness and end to cancer treatment and being free. We all went to the  SPA. You wanted to get your steps in that day and I said that I would walk with you. WE went into the pool to walk your  laps. We just talked about everything.
It has been 36 years since I met you and the whole Lloyd Extended family. You were and always will be a big part of this family. I will miss you, Karen!  God's Blessing be with you and love always!
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Pat Ross | Jan 10, 2020
I have been praying for a miracle since I heard the news. I was so happy meeting up and having lunch with you after 52 years!! I had a great time. I still reminisce about our grammar and high school days! We did have some fun times!  Rich and I are praying for you and the entire Lloyd and Gutrich family. 😘🙏🏻
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