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Hello. My name is Karen, and I am traveler writer from http://quizlets.live/  with breast cancer. I have been fighting this disease for three years. And now I'm healthy. Journey is my passion, and the letter is my job. I combined my passion and hobby, and my illness did not stop me. If you like to travel but you are afraid of it because of your illness, here are some tips for you.  Sun, relaxation and sea air not only give healthy people a good feeling. Even cancer patients are allowed to go on vacation. Just book a trip is not possible with cancer patients. Before the trip, they should prepare well and involve the attending physician.

By car to the Baltic Sea or by plane to the Mediterranean

Cancer patients are not generally limited in the choice of their vacation resort: "Train, plane, car - all types of travel are fine. Just be careful to drink enough and to move. Long-haul flights should therefore be avoided, as cancer patients have a higher risk of thrombosis".  Anyone who still wants to go beyond the European borders can get thrombosis injections. In addition, the doctor also advises: "Previously, cancer patients should check with their doctor's vaccination record because their immune system is more vulnerable".

With medicines through the airport control

Drugs are in your hand luggage, a suitcase can be lost quickly. So that the security control at the airport does not become a stress factor, it is recommended to have a multilingual certificate, advises the expert. In Morphine, customs in some countries like to look more closely, so you need confirmation from the doctor. 
Caution with liquid medicines: They must be filled maximally in 100 milliliter containers and must be transported in a transparent bag. When spraying the form by the doctor may not be missing because they are among the dangerous items.
The expert recommend to discuss all possible ailments and medications with the doctor first. It's also worth having a well-stocked first-aid kit that can help with mundane complaints such as nausea or diarrhea

So drugs are stored at 30 degrees in the shade

If you spend your holidays in the shade at 30 degrees, you should check if the heat affects the medication.  Excessively high storage temperatures more or less increase most pharmaceutical preparations. 
It is not only the active ingredients that can react with accelerated decomposition, for example, without this being recognizable to the patient. If you get the medication, ask for advice from the pharmacist. He knows exactly how individual preparations can be transported without loss of effect.

Finally arrived: Beware of UV radiation

With fresh air around the nose, the holiday can finally start after the arrival. Creaming is an absolute must on the spot: After radiotherapy or chemotherapy, cancer patients are more sensitive to UV radiation. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your sunscreen. Avoid lying in the sun for hours.
Even those who regularly have to check their blood count need not shy away from traveling. That should not be a problem on the spot. Blood can also be taken on holiday by a local doctor.

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