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Journal entry by Tiara Collier

We were waiting in the ER room in the Woodlands and Kaleo was in pain, he got some medicine and finally fell asleep. Dr Martinez walked in the room to tell us news that we were never expecting to hear. The found a mass on or near his kidney and the most common tumor on the kidney is wilms tumor which is a common cancer and very treatable . This was earth shattering. Cancer. This is Cancer?!... my husband and I were in complete dismay.  We had no idea what do to. We were transferred later to Memorial Hermann Childrens hospital in the medical Center in Houston . After a few hours spent in the ER rehashing our story to everg person who came in the room from resident surgeons to nurses we were finally sent to a room. Kaleo had to receive a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin was at an all time low of 5.5 , he was so pale. They also had to do a CT scan to make sure of what exactly this mass was. The next day after the CT scans and Blood transfusion and my son being poked and prodded and tested and blood and urine and everything, the residents came in and told us the worst news ... it's not wilms tumor, instead it is nuroblastoma a tumor that is rare and must be treated with chemotherapy BEFORE being able to cut it out, because its entangled in the nervous system and blood vessels... the color left my husband and I and we both fell apart.... 
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