Kailey’s Story

Site created on December 20, 2019

Kailey is an accomplished equestrian rider who is currently recovering from a riding incident that occurred on December 16, 2019. She suffered a suspected blow to her head following being dismounted from her horse during a training session. She was immediately hospitalized following the incident and was diagnosed with a severe brain stem injury. She currently resides at Shepherd Center for Rehabilitation in Atlanta, Georgie with hopeful signs of recovery.

We have created this site to share Kailey’s recovery story with the world as she demonstrates her resilience, unwavering determination and spirit to return the riding arena.


Newest Update

Journal entry by David Giancola

I apologize for the lack of updates as of late, as restrictions regarding COVID-19 at Kailey's care facility have become quite stringent. On Monday, staff released guest and family restrictions for all patients removing all family members from the hospital who are not accompanying a minor (age 18 or under). Due to these restrictions, my mother has been removed from the hospital and is unable to see Kailey until restrictions are lifted or changed. As such, I am not currently getting any daily updates in regards to Kailey's progress. Thank you for following Kailey's recovery story. I will do my very best to post updates as they become available. 
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