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Gifted by Jennifer

Barbara Gertzen

Gifted by Barbara Gertzen

“God bless you, Josh, on the first year anniversary of your transplant. You are one incredibly strong and brave young man! Keep moving forward on the road to recovery; you have only just begun, but what progress you have made!”

Gifted by Lynn and Malcolm Cameron

“Stay strong, Joshua. Keeping you in our prayers. Lynn and Malcolm”

Gifted by Nana & PopPop

“Welcome home Joshie,love Nana
& PopPop”

Gifted by The Lardge's

“We love you Josh. See you soon Hardy Family.”

Gifted by anonymous

Robert Anderson

Gifted by Robert Anderson

“Faith is what gives us true life. Your faith is an inspiration to us all. God Bless!”

Gifted by Francesca Ruberti

“I hope you get on well soon and go play with your friends. You are a strong kid! Wish you all the best!!! Francesca”

Gifted by Jennifer

“Josh, I pray you are getting stronger every day. You are in my heart and prayers every day. You are so special. God has certainly blessed you with a very loving family. Aimee, .you have such unfailing faith & courage. Prayers work!”

Gifted by Jennifer

“God Bless you Josh. I pray for you and your Family every day. You are a strong and courageous boy. God is certainly keeping his loving arms around you.”