Thoughts & Well Wishes

Nancy L Newman | Aug 1, 2019
My thoughts and prayers have been with you on your rough journey. It has been so hard on you and I pray for you and the children as time goes on. You have been so strong but now it s time for you to take care of yourself! You will continue to be in my thoughtd and prayers.
Kathy Reck | Jun 7, 2019
You family has been in my prayers since I learned about this fight you are all going thru. I am so amazed at your deep faith in our Lord He is the great miracle worker. Stay stead fast in Him even with all the trials you are all going thru. About 4 years ago my sister was hit hard with Acute mylogenis leukemia it was corrine and very aggressive. she was teated at the Mayo in Phoenix. Her prognosis was not at all good, in fact when other organs shut down the was given last rights, but the Lord intervened and she is still with us and cancer free with the doctors there consider it a miracle. I pray deeply every day for this same outcome for all of you. I pray that you all feel God's strong loving arms wrapped around you at all times and as difficult as it is that your faith stay as strong as it is now. I will be faithfully praying for all of you.
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Prokops | May 26, 2019
Josh, Hope you are able to enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday. My family 


prays for your's and we know this love and support is real and 


effective. Your wife Christine is a wonderful writer and I enjoy her 


stories a lot. For me The hardest part about being sick or under 


stress it letting other people take care of me. But I have learned 


to accept the sympathy and support from family and friends as the 


energy and endurance I need to recover. It sounds like you have a 


great and beautiful group of family members and friends, so from all 


of us, hang in there and know this cloud of Hope and support 


surrounds you.
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