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5-6-2019 PM - Joshua Tree in Bloom

This morning, Josh’s mom sent me a photo of the “Joshua Tree” planted with some of Josh’s ashes at New Terrain Brewery in Golden, CO this past fall.  The tree is doing well and blooming with beautiful purple foliage.  I was glad to see several of the “Memory Ribbons” with hand-written notes on the tree survived the winter.  If you are interested, the actual type of tree is a Mount St. Helens Flowering Plum.

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1-14-2019 PM - Celebration of Life Event in Morton, IL

On Friday, February 8 from 4-7PM a “Celebration of Life” event will be held in memory of Josh at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Morton, IL.  The address for the hall is 616 W David St in Morton, located on the street behind the Morton Post Office.  Josh grew up in Morton, before he moved to Colorado for college in Boulder.  If you are in the area and available, it would be nice to see you and spend some time together.


12-5-2018 PM – Joshua Tree Beer Release = Dec. 20

New Terrain Brewery has brewed a spruce tip pale ale they are naming after Josh, calling it Joshua Tree.  This beer will be ready on Josh’s birthday, December 20, when they will release it in their tap room for all to enjoy!  The brewery opens at noon, so stop by when you can, have a pint, and visit with friends.  There will be a Reggae Band playing that night at 6pm to 9pm.  It would be great to see everyone again! 


11-15-2018 AM – Celebration of Life Event in Minnesota

A “Celebration of Life” event will be held in memory of Josh next Tuesday, November 20 at Cuzzy’s in Chaska, MN from 4-7PM.  If you are nearby next Tuesday, please stop in to spend some time together.  A similar event will be held in the Morton/Peoria, IL area at some point after the first of the year - stay tuned for details.


11-13-2018 Charity Donation Update

Several people have asked if they could donate to a charity organization in memory of Josh.  We decided upon the Chill Foundation: https://www.chill.org/.  Here is an overview of the Chill Foundation:

Chill has served more than 22,000 young people since the program began, working with approximately 1,600 youth annually.  We work with social service agencies, mental health agencies, foster care programs, juvenile justice programs, and schools in local communities to select youth participants.  Everything is provided to the youth at no cost.

We focus on the resiliency of our participants to help them reach their full potential and see that there is a path out of their current circumstances. Their current situation doesn't have to define them or determine their path in life; Chill helps them to realize alternatives beyond the struggles they are dealing with.

Our youth development program revolves around a six-week curriculum that uses board sports to teach life skills and increase self-esteem in our participants. Our six weekly themes: patience, persistence, responsibility, courage, respect, and pride, provide a framework for learning and personal growth. We use our time getting ready to introduce the weekly themes through an activity and reinforce the concept during our time on a board.  The Chill Foundation is classified by the IRS as a Charitable Organization under 501c3, meaning their Contributions are deductible for tax purposes.


How to donate to the Chill Foundation in memory of Joshua . . .

1.    Send a check to either Janet Pink or Charles Pink and we will consolidate with other checks to donate.

2.    Donate on-line directly to Chill Foundation

a.       Go to: https://www.chill.org/

b.       Click on “Donate” far right tab

c.       For the following questions enter:

                                                               i.      Donation amount

                                                             ii.      Select One Time payment

                                                           iii.      Select Denver in the drop down for Donation Designation

                                                           iv.      Enter your information

                                                             v.      Is this Gift in Honor or Memory of an individual select “Yes, in memory of” enter Joshua Pink

                                                           vi.      Enter your payment information

Thank You!!

11-7-2018 Josh’s Tree Planting

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon for Josh’s Tree Planting at New Terrain Brewery today.  Several of his New Terrain co-workers, patrons, and loved ones were able to attend, which helped make it special for all of us.  Some of his ashes were planted with the tree, so Josh will continue to grow and live through this beautiful tree for years to come.


Wednesday Morning

Yesterday evening, many gathered together for Joshua’s Celebration of Life Event at New Terrain.  We appreciated each other’s company, shared stories, enjoyed pictures spanning Josh’s life, heard Chris sing the song he wrote for Josh, and viewed a handful of special videos of Josh.  A sizeable number of Josh’s friends were able to make it to the event, as well as dear friends and relatives who surprised us by traveling a distance to be with us.  It was a wonderful time and we thank all who were there – you have been fantastic!  It meant a great deal to Tessa, Josh’s mother and me!!


Tuesday Morning

The Josh’s Tree event is set for noon on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at New Terrain Brewery.  The team at New Terrain selected a Mount St. Helens Flowering Plum tree to plant in remembrance of Josh.  This is a very nice tree, which produces small pink flowers in the early spring, followed by dark purple foliage into the summer.