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23 Tribute Donations

“In honor of josh adcock whose Spirit of Love and Light surrounds us all.”

— Ray & Barbara Galloway

“In memory of Josh Adcock and his amazing life”

— Karen ErvinDooley (Carrie Hensley's granddaughter)

“Josh, though you do not know us, I know your parents and knew Phil, and your story is immensely inspiring. Have Faith in God, he answers prayers.”

— Daniel Sell Family

“In honor of josh adcock”

— The Hartsock family

“In honor of josh adcock”

— Anonymous

“You remind me so much of your Uncle Phil. I was always in awe of his strength & determination, just as I am with you. You & your entire family are such an inspiration. You guys make me strive each day”

— Donna Nelson Barnes, Olivia & Brandon

“In honor of josh adcock and for the glory of God, I add my contribution and all my prayers and all my love.”

— Priscilla Parton

“In honor of josh adcock”

— Sanchez Family

“In honor of josh adcock”

— Danny Zurface