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23 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Ray & Barbara Galloway

“In honor of josh adcock whose Spirit of Love and Light surrounds us all.”

Gifted by Karen ErvinDooley (Carrie Hensley's granddaughter)

“In memory of Josh Adcock and his amazing life”

Gifted by Daniel Sell Family

“Josh, though you do not know us, I know your parents and knew Phil, and your story is immensely inspiring. Have Faith in God, he answers prayers.”

Gifted by The Hartsock family

“In honor of josh adcock”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of josh adcock”

Gifted by Donna Nelson Barnes, Olivia & Brandon

“You remind me so much of your Uncle Phil. I was always in awe of his strength & determination, just as I am with you. You & your entire family are such an inspiration. You guys make me strive each day”

Gifted by Priscilla Parton

“In honor of josh adcock and for the glory of God, I add my contribution and all my prayers and all my love.”

Gifted by Sanchez Family

“In honor of josh adcock”

Gifted by Danny Zurface

“In honor of josh adcock”