Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 70!   Just 32 to go!!!  Jordan is scheduled for his 100 day bone marrow biopsy on June 17. Then we should be able to come home!!!  He will see his oncologist in Evansville regularly and come to St. Louis once a month for about a year. Then the schedule of visits will get spread farther out. 

He‘s feeling better and able to get out more. Yesterday he met friends who were in town for a few hours and had a great time. 

Today I’m scheduled to donate blood. There is a huge shortage. If you are able to donate please schedule an appointment. It is painless and helps so many. I’m guilty of not realizing the importance of blood donation until I saw Jordan receive probably over 50 units of blood and platelets over this last year. 

Also please spread the word about So many people are praying for a match.
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Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 57...only 43 to go and Jordan should be released from the St. Louis area.  So ready!!!!

I havent posted in a while because things have been pretty quiet around here. Jordan is feeling better daily. He has some skin issues which is a result of the transplant. It’s called graft vs host disease. Hopefully this will be temporary. Keep praying!!!  He tires easily but last Friday a friend of his came in and they went to a Cardinals game. He had a great time. Last night we went to see Miss Saigon which was terrific!  Jacob is coming in tonight and they are going to try to explore the city together this weekend. In a couple of weeks Jordan and I have tickets to see John Prine!!! We visit with my sister and her husband Alex a lot. Jordan loves their cooking, company and the “girls” (their sweet dogs or as Jordan calls them his cousins).  We had a recent visit from the “Mac Bash” crew. This is a great group of men that I worked with at Castle North and I’m blessed that they saw through my impersonation of a mean ole school secretary and care for me and my family. 

Thank you all again for all the cards, letters and prayers. Please let’s not forget to keep spreading the word about   Jordan is getting a second chance at life because of his fathers donation. There are so many in need. There is absolutely no excuse for this. If you can’t donate stem cells you can always donate blood. This too is something I think we all forget about until we need it.

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 34!

Jordan is currently getting a bone marrow biopsy. We come back next Wednesday for the results. We should know then if Dan’s cells have taken over. If that’s the case he will have his central line removed!!!!!  
Good news for today is that his counts are up and he can start getting out without his mask. His immune system is still compromised and will be for a year.  So if you plan on visiting him please make sure you are healthy.  He’s ready to start enjoying life again!!!  
Keep the prayers coming!!  Without a doubt they do work!!!!

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 30!!!  Everything has been going really well. Jordan has been out of the hospital now for a week. He has one more week that he needs to stay in the apartment and then hopefully he can begin to explore the city. Pretty boring around here right now but he was surprised today by one of his oldest friends, Kolltin Ellis and Jessica Clark.  This visit really lifted his spirits. I’m sure I’m wrong but I think I might be getting on his nerves. 😂

Next Wednesday he will have a bone marrow biopsy so we will have more information on his progress soon. Keep up the positive thoughts, cards, and prayers. We really are grateful. 

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 22!!!

Today is a glorious day!!!  Jordan was released from the hospital after only 28 days of the 50 anticipated days!!!!   Jordan and the family are beyond happy!!!  

He will be seen regularly as an outpatient getting various tests to see how he’s progressing.   He will still need a lot of rest and other than his appointments he’s been told to stay in the apartment for two more weeks and to wear a mask to prevent infections. 

Please keep the prayers coming!!!  They definitely are working!!!!!

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Day 17!!!  Jordan’s white counts are starting to come back up. The doctor yesterday told him that it’s a possibility he could be discharged in a week or so!!!  This is amazing news since his stay was approved for 50 days!  He’s still needing blood and platelets which he gets nearly every day. He is weak, tired and bored but overall doing very well. Even though he could be discharged early he still needs to stay in St Louis until mid June, but out of the hospital will be so much more comfortable for him. 

Keep praying friends!!  It works!!

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Today is Day 13!!!  Jordan feels really rough and still has blood in his urine. The doctors continue to be unconcerned.  Jordan has had platelets for several days. Today will be the first day for blood transfusions.  He’s getting two units of blood and a unit of platelets.  

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days with a cold and it’s so frustrating because I have to stay away from Jordan since his immune system and all the other patients are so weak. 
I don’t want to make anyone sick but I miss sitting with Jordan so much. 

Jordan is hanging tough as usual. His strength is inspiring. 

Thank you all for the good thoughts and well wishes. 

Please continue to spread the the word on the importance of bone marrow donation. 

Journal entry by Melissa Roe

Today is DAY 10!!!  Jordan has not ran a fever for days. He’s still having stomach and bladder issues but they are slowly improving. He’s had three days of platelets but has not needed a blood transfusion yet. Just a lot of sitting around waiting for his counts to improve. 

Yesterday Jordan’s cousin Clayton came for a visit. We were so happy to spend time with him.   Also a thank you shout out to river family Chip and Ashley who came into town and brought our mail from home and took Dan and I out to dinner. It was a nice distraction. 

Keep praying and sending good vibes!!!  They are working!!!

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Journal entry by Nila Paradowski

Jordan's new home away from home for the next 20 or so days is room 6401 at St. Vincent's Hospital (formerly named St. Mary's Hospital). Jordan isn't happy about being in what he considers "a hospital prison" but his doc suggested that he make his room his own and friends have already delivered a larger TV. Nothing was mentioned about repainting or installing new blinds but last night his mom, Melissa, did get his room re-cleaned and a more comfortable bed brought in. The room cleaning and new bed were the result of an episode she embarrassingly described as "going postal." This is stressful for everyone—especially Jordan and his immediately family.  

The first round of chemo is over. It zapped Jordan's energy but didn't make him too nauseous. His gums have been very sore which is caused by the leukemia and not dental issues as we originally thought. His gums don't hurt as much so his meal choices are starting to expand a bit beyond hospital Jell-O and Lib's vanilla malts. 

Jordan can't afford to catch a bug or be exposed to any germs.  He CAN have visitors but they will need to suit up which means a mask and gown.  Flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables are also not allowed in his room. 

Jordan's hematologist/oncologist is Dr. Browning—the same doc who has treated other family members and friends. Dr. Browning has consulted colleagues at IU to be sure every possible step is being followed and all protocols are being done to help Jordan win his battle with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). It is too soon to know if Jordan will need more aggressive care at another medical center—MD Anderson, Barnes, etc.—if that is necessary, Dr. Browning will guide us. 
Jordan is receiving round the clock monitoring and he is in excellent hands. A second bone marrow test is scheduled for next Wednesday, August 1. There is a 50/50 chance that a bone marrow transplant will be needed and the most likely match will be his brother Jacob. If that doesn't pan out, the doc will go to the "bank." There is more chemo ahead. 

This is tough for everyone but we have faith that all will eventually be well. 

The family is grateful to all the friends, neighbors and family who have offered help, said prayers, sent cards of encouragement and brought meals. And, if you're part of the Roe river family, please don’t hesitate to stop by if you see Melissa and Dan on their front porch. 

We'll keep you posted. 
Cathy (Nila) Paradowski, Jordan’s Aunt, Melissa's Sister  



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