Thoughts & Well Wishes

Alyson Breuer | Dec 11, 2019
Jordan -- We missed you at the tree trimming/anniversary tea last Sunday, though of course we knew it was much too far to travel this year, so are all looking forward to celebrating with you at next year's shenanigans!  The rest of the Belle Avenue Bunch was there in force rooting for you with Betty, Mary, Jimmy, Dana and the children, and naturally, all eleven Breuers.  Think how lovely next year at Cherry will be!  Hugs from everyone!
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Nancy Backas | Dec 12, 2019
I think of you every day and the difficult journey you are one. I send my prayers and good thoughts for the best possible outcome for each and every one of you, but especially for Jordan. What a strong young woman you are, Jordan, with an amazing spirit. Sending love and support. 

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Ed Fleming | Dec 20, 2019
Jordan, as one of your former softball coaches (The one that used to yell a lot) in 2018 I totally recall your spark and enjoyed seeing the smile on your face as you battled so hard. I’m sure you will bring that same fight to this battle!!  You were a joy to coach and remember to never ever give up. Chris, Maddie, Eddie and I will be praying for you along the way. I have a feeling you will be back on the game in 2020. Love, the Fleming family. 
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Grace McCaleb, Your Teammate | Dec 23, 2019
Hey, girly.
I just wanted to send you something telling you everything will be okay. When we played softball together this past year, you always found a way to cheer everyone up. I always felt like you were not only amazing at softball, but you were an amazing teammate. It is very sad that you won't be able to play softball, but I know you will eventually get back into it! I hope you get better and I hope that everything is going well in your life. Love you and miss you.
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Sheila Pizer | Jan 8, 2020
So happy you are at St Jude's, for the care, the research and the kindness!  Here's hoping that Erin will continue to make progress and be able to move onto the next phase of treatment!  Thank you for posting the photos as well as the updates.  It has been awhile since I've seen Jordan and Noah, so that was a treat for me!  I'll look forward to another update from Jammy when I see her next week. Sending all best wishes, prayers and love,
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Michelle Tosto, Nicolette & Gianna | Feb 4, 2020
Hi Jordan,
we haven’t seen each other in a super long time. I’m Nicolette Linder’s mom, Michelle. I just found out what is going on in your life and it’s nothing short of “holy cow”. So I wanted you to know we are all praying for you and your family. We wish you a speedy recovery and to go tell cancer to “fuck off”! You have grown so big. I can’t wait to show Nicolette your pics. You are as beautiful as when we knew each other. We love you, stay strong! MUAH 😘 
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