Thoughts & Well Wishes

Tony Negron | Oct 26, 2019
Jordan, The Negron family wants you to know that we love you and we are so blessed to have had the time to spend with you and your family when you came to Orlando. You are such a bright, carving and loving young lady. We know you are going to beat this and have you in our thoughts each day.
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Belleforte Breuers | Oct 27, 2019
Hang in there sweetie!  As the daughter of bear and Johnny, we already know how brave you’re being and please know you have an army of people rooting you on every step of the way. Keep up that adorable little smile of yours and here’s a huge virtual hug from us all until we can give it to you in person, we love you!  
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Kelly Gallagher | Oct 29, 2019
Hi, Jordan, we are all rooting for you over here and looking forward to visiting you soon.  Grant is anxious to see you and catch up when you're feeling up for visitors.  He's really sad that you got sick, and asks about you every day.  I am happy to report to him that you are asking your mom for homework...I think that means that you are doing well!!  Keep up the great work on getting better fast!
Love, Kelly, Dan, India, Carter, Dylan, Grant and Bearxxoo
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Anne Cousineau | Nov 7, 2019
Hey Jordan,
Zoë called today from her college in Ohio. She wanted me to let you know she’s thinking of you and sends her love! The rest of us are doing the same! It’s good to hear that you are resting well and are, of course, getting the best care ever from your wonderful family!❤️ Love from Anne, Mark, Eli and Zoë
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Melissa Bradley | Dec 10, 2019
Hi Jordan!
The Bradley family (Ellis, Vaughn, Brian and Melissa) are all thinking of you and your family and sending you lots of strength and healing as you make your way South.  You are very special and many people love you very much.  We know how strong you are.  Wishing you all good vibes and good feeling days.
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