Jordan’s Story

Site created on October 26, 2019

On October 22, 2019 our daughter Jordan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It all started when she  stayed home from school with a fever and missed 2 days of school earlier in the month.   She was upset because the year had just begun and she  already missed more days of school in one month than all of last year.  The fever subsided and she returned to  her full schedule that included her studies at school, volleyball and ballet.  She felt better for the next 12 days, but still didn't feel 100%.  She was dealing with fatigue and didn't have her normal appetite.  On October 17 the fever returned. We saw the doctors that day and they suspected Mono.  When the  Mono test finally came back negative,  four days later we returned for more blood work.  The next morning we received the call that we should immediately head to Lurie Children's ER and prepare to be admitted.  

While this has been an incredibly difficult time to say the least it is not lost on us how lucky we are.
Lucky to have a world class hospital in our back yard
Lucky that Jordan is an incredibly strong young woman
Lucky to have an amazing son who loves his sister and never ceases to amaze us with his kindness.  
Lucky  to be surrounded by so much love from family and friends

We have received countless calls, texts, and emails expressing love, prayers and support    Will will take them all and please keep them coming.  It makes a huge impact each time we hear from someone.   While we fully expect that Jordan will beat this cancer, the road to recovery will be long .  Her fight and our journey is only beginning. 

We will continue to post updates and stay connected.  

Erin, Johnny, Jordan and Noah

Newest Update

Journal entry by Erin Gutierrez

Hello Everyone

We  hope everyone is well and enjoying this holiday weekend.  We were not sure if we would continue to post on Caring Bridge but recently feeling  like its a good way to continue to stay connected.  We  promised many people we would post the tribute videos from the memorial in July.  

I dont know why it has taken so long. There were  many plans for how things would go and most of them have fallen by the wayside as we continue to adjust to our new life.

I actually LOVE these videos and while I can't watch them all the time, I have watched them a lot.  As time continues to separate me from the day when Jodan was here,  I feel like watching these brings me Jordan, or to the days we shared together.  

Caring Bridge only lets me post one video at a time so we will start with this one as it was the first one we showed at the Memorial. 

We hope you enjoy it.


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