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January 14, 2021 - Little low

Hi Friends-
Couple hard days. Sorry to complain but cancer's not fun. My levels are not rebounding as quickly as I'd like (but doctors say it's ok) so that prevents me from going home and keeps me very low energy. I'm praying for tomorrow (Friday)... we'll see. I've gone back to work and that's been great. David, Paul and CCO have been amazing. I'm on the air from 3-5 mon-fri and so far so good. Otherwise, Marc and I are in Rochester and doing well. Kids are doing well, still online school but they are amazing. Thank you for your good wishes and positive energy. I feel it all. Going to nap. xo

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January 11, Back To Work!

Hello Awesome Team-
Monday morning has me jittery (it could be the tons of steroids they pump into me each day for treatment or the starbucks) or it could be that I'm coming back to work today!

I'm not crazy, but there are about 10 days during my recovery where I feel like I can work. I've missed you and Paul, and David, and work.  So it's really a part time gig, when I'm hospitalized or in Rochester as outpatient for the first 14 days of treatment, I can't work, but when they spring me to come home I feel like I can. David, Paul, Shannon, Lindsey, John, Kim everyone at WCCO has been amazing to me, no pressure at all. But eventually FMLA, vacation and sick time do expire so necessity has a bit to do with it... always honest with you. 

I feel pretty good, my platelets are low about 10% of a normal person, and my hemoglobin is low too. Both of these things make me short winded and tired.... which I imagine Paul will really enjoy today. But my brain is on fire and ready to chat with you. I will be doing show prep from my phone while they are pumping me with steroids but I'll be ready to go at 3 and can't wait to chat with you.

Keep following @jordanaverde for the (workout pics, Marc's are funnier and all the video updates) but tune in to radio.com or WCCO 830AM today at 3 CST to hear the gang back together. 

I so appreciate all your support, keep it coming it buoys me on the dark days and the light ones!
Talk at 3!


January 07, 2021 It worked!

Hi Team, 
Just wanted to tell you the LP did not cause any headaches and mercifully I am pain-free.  Thank you for your positive energy! 


January 5, 2021 - Just Tuesday

Hi Team-

Sixth 'LP' (lumbar puncture or spinal tap tomorrow) so pray for NO Headaches.
I have begun using my medical marijuana prescription and it really has helped with nausea and vomiting. I also makes me feel happier so that's a bonus! :)  After tomorrow I have 4 more days of chemo that can be outpatient if I fare well with the LP. I felt a minute stronger today so that's progress. 
Marley had her first car accident. Thank G-d she and her her brother and sister are fine. No one else was hit or hurt. It was on Hwy 62, tire spinout. Very scary for the kids but they are ok. She even posed on the side of the road with the beat up tire. On Insta @jordanaverde  good content. 
Other than my mother encouraging me to take pot and me binge watching CNN Georgia's Runoff Election Coverage, everything is normal! 
I hope the first week of 2021 has been magical, it has already brought me great luck when the children weren't injured in the crash, so thank you 2021, so-far-so-not-so-bad.


January 01, 2021

Quick update.... no headaches after the IT (spinal tap)!!! It’s a New Year miracle!! 
I am feeling low as my hemoglobin is dropping and that zaps my energy but NO HEADACHES!  Yay!
Love you all! Going to nap. 
Happy 2021. 


Happy New Year - December 31, 2020

Happy New Year's Eve!  I hope you all have exciting plans to order in dinner, open year old champagne and stay up till 9.  Those are my plans (minus the champagne).

I'm back! Back at Mayo that is. Round 3 began last night. 5 days of straight chemo, steroids and protectants so the poison doesn't kill me. Then a little break then more chemo. It' a 14 day regimen, hopefully I'll only be in the hospital 9 or 10. I do have two IT's (spinal taps) scheduled -  one in an hour and half, the next later this week, but my care team has some new options to try to ward off the week of crippling headaches afterward. Fingers crossed. 

There's good news! My my recent bone marrow biopsy and PET scans (Monday) show no trace of cancer. My oncologist Dr. William Colt says that's the best news he can deliver to a patient. So the treatment is working.  My new treatment plan is 8 rounds of chemo and no bone marrow transplant. The doctors/nurses like this plan. I trust them. 

Marc continues to be amazing. The ultimate caregiver while managing his businesses Snap500, Aviv and now RuAura as our mask sprays will be in 200 stores in Texas in a grocery chain called HEB in a week or so. Very exciting, RuAura has been a wonderful distraction for me during treatment and Marc has taken over all the heavy lifting. Thank you G-d for this amazing husband. 

Kids are great, Marley got into Wisconsin/Madison and Univ. of Indiana, she's still waiting on some other schools before she makes her decision. Maddox is ramping up his sneaker selling business on Insta and getting outside with friends, and Ruby's been snowboarding and was just interviewed by MSP Mag for her RuAura Business. They still fight and have all their teenager problems, and have to deal with a mom who has cancer and not at home with them (remember I'm not about the Insta/FB fake life of pretending everything is perfect)  but I am a very proud mom!

I have been reflective about 2020 (the majority of it sucked).  Mostly thinking about what the lessons are to learn from my leukemia. Obviously I'll never know what they are for sure, but I think pondering them is a healing process and will make me a better person.  I know it's made me realize there are many wonderful listeners who I haven't met before, yet I know we're friends. Thank you for your cards, prayers, support and listenership. I keep all your cards and read them over and over, thank you. The lesson of support continues with friends and acquaintances. I have had countless meals and desserts delivered to the house which have been delicious and much needed! Thank you sisters. I have about 75 women on a text string that read Tehillim (prayers/psalms) in English and Hebrew for me everyday. Some of the women I have not met. What an amazing gift. Thank you. The prayers are working. 

Cancer has strengthened my marriage in a way that only an illness can. Marc and I were always good, but the way he takes care of me shows me a love that is above and beyond any marriage vow. If this is a test of our bond it has deepened immensely.  Marc is excelling beyond anyone's imagination. I am so grateful for him.  He's killing it.  Thank you babe.

And boy has cancer illuminated the resilience of my children. 2020 was already miserable for them, no school, very few friends, cancelled trips and events (Ruby's Bat Mitzvah) and now their mom has cancer. Ugh. Yet they have been incredible, doing all their work, applying to college, helping with the RuAura business and even taking care of the house when I'm away and of me when I'm home. Great lesson for me to learn. I'm so grateful for them.  They're killing it. I love you babies. 

Personally I never think about dying. I did at the beginning but now it never crosses my mind. I have too much to live for. I only think about the lessons and getting through the day. Treatment truly sucks, it's hard, it's painful, and it's long.  As I mentioned my course is now 8 rounds of chemo and no bone marrow transplant. Eight rounds of chemo sounds brutal to my 97 pound body, but I'll manage.  As I begin round 3, I hope to go back to work on my good weeks, I hope to squeeze in yoga on my days and I hope to be smiling in my good hours. 

My healing has a lot do to with you, your support, prayers and good energy. Thank you. 

As I head into my IT (spinal tap) while hooked up to multiple bags of chemo I know, I KNOW 2021 will be better for all of us. 

Thank you, I feel you, I love you. Happy New Year!





December 25, 2020 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Good Shabbos!

I wish everyone a peaceful, healthful, and happy day. 
Quick update. I've been home for a little over a week and it's been sublime. I have recuperated, gotten a little stronger and spent time with my amazing family. Marc continues to be the ultimate caregiver and the kids have been awesome! I pull the 'Hey, I have cancer' card if they fight so they have to be nice. :) 
I go back Monday the 28th for round 3. I've done my best to live in the moment while I've been home and am grateful to have had the last 2 nights of Hanukkah with the fam and some incredible family time, watching movies, walking the dog and eating all the delicious food friends have dropped off. Thank you Chefs, you are incredible! Marley has gotten into a few colleges so that's been an amazing victory and I'm so proud of her. Ruby has been filling orders for RuAura and baking up a yummy storm, Maddox has been skateboarding when it's warm, running a sneaker business and cleans the kitchen when Marc is gone. I'm kfelling about all three. 
I continue to receive cards and gifts from friends, family and listeners and it always surprises me... BTW we have everything we need so thank you so very much!  Elayne Walensky the hats are beautiful and warm, thank you for knitting and sending, I love them!
 I've also tried to do as much yoga and go as many walks as my body will allow. I've been posting on @jordanaverde on Insta when I can. It's amazing how quickly your muscles fade.. maybe it's just being 48, or maybe it's the chemo? 
While I dread going back, I know the poison they pump into me will keep me alive. I have toyed with the idea of returning to work full time (gotta get paid) but during treatment that is just not possible, I can't even get out of bed much less talk. So I may return on a 2 week/part time basis as early as the end of January. We'll see how this round goes. I will probably need 8 rounds. I'll keep you posted. 
I'm feeling reflective lately and I'd love to hear how this year changed you. (Post in the comments.) The good, the bad and the ugly. For me it's been a complete shitshow as you can imagine, but the lessons are hidden everywhere. I'm trying to keep an open mind and open heart to identify and learn those lessons. I rarely feel sad and I hope you don't either. I often feel weak, but not broken, yet. I wish 2021 would be like turning on a light switch and all will be better but hopefully there will be at least relief in saying goodby to 2020. I am grateful for the goodness, the birth of Mila (grand baby), Caper (David Josephson's baby) and all the beautiful babies, but for the rest of 2020, I hope we can consider it 'tuition' we learned a lot but paid a high price.
Peace, joy, health, success, happiness, contentment... all the things and more I wish for you this season. Your support sustains me, thank you. I love you.


December 12, 2020

Hello Team!

Thank you to my handsome husband Marc who told you all about my constipation in the last post. :) Truly, he is amazing and I would be lost without him.

Unfortunately, we are still in Rochester. I was hoping to be home for Hanukkah but because we postponed one spinal tap due to the crippling headaches... we have to complete that Tuesday. My Dr. has promised sedation, and another nerve block after to help with the headaches. I cannot do a blood patch (which is usually the cure for spinal tap headaches) because my platelets are always too low.  I met with a pain management dr who said we can do a blood patch next time when I'm admitted for round 3 at the end of December.  While we've had some setbacks, treatment is progressing as it should, I just keep getting all the worst side effects. Thank G-d for Marc, my kids, family and you. I so appreciate your prayers and well wishes, they are all felt here in Rochester!  

Marley (my oldest) drove down for Hanukkah (best present ever!) and some one on one time. All 3 kids will eventually get to come down on their own.  Can't wait! 

I hope you are listening to the updates at 3:35 on WCCO radio with Paul, and I've been trying to post on Insta @jordanaverde when I can. 

Thank you for caring, thank you for your positive energy. Happy Hanukkah and may your light always shine through darkness. 

I love you.