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Jun 13-19

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First Journal entry so lets make this positive!

News is today I finally was able to leave the hospital and stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Peoria. I have been feeling really well (knock on wood) and have been really happy.

I have started this site to give you all updates and also maybe help my family. Money is really tight and I think this could be a good way to raise money for them. I also have been trying to make an online business to make money so I can help my family (and also buy a switch for me and my sister who love to bond over it). My wish list: (

For now I'm just happy I'm with my family at this temporary house. I'm going to post here as much as I can, this site is used to reach as many people as possible and give them updates on my health so instead of looking out for Facebook stuff (I still might post there sometimes) but I think there will be more updates here so look out!

You all are so nice and I love you <3


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