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July 2, 2020

Dear Sponsors,
Thank you for your support through this long ordeal. Jon continues to receive radiation. He will be in his final week next week. He is currently able to drive himself to all his own appointments. I will go with him on his last Seattle Children's appointment to see what is in store after he completes all the radiation. At our last clinic visit they said he was as strong as he was pre-chemo. This is a huge declaration. Also he no longer has to remain in solitary confinement. He can visit friends with masks, six feet apart, and with social distancing like others. We are all still very careful but he can now go shopping, do errands and behave as the next person. Next step will be a major scanning around Sept 26th to make sure he is all clear. After that he will determine his next plan on re-entering society and reclaiming his own life. With COVID it might take longer to return to work etc. Again thank you all for your support, encouragement and love. We would not be able to make it this far with out all of you. With much respect, yours humbly Mayers Strong. 

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