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Hi everyone! As you probably know I'm more than a little bit of an introvert, and I'm terrible at keeping in touch with even my best friends who I love. I'm sorry I can't update everyone personally with every bit of news or need for assistance, but hopefully the journal will keep you looped in!

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Journal entry by Jon Lasser

Yesterday was a full and intermittently unpleasant day of medical scans.

Today was a brief visit with Dr Santana, my primary oncologist.

His assessment, after looking at most of the scans: the medication is working. We'll continue to do what we're doing as long as it continues to work, but that so far this is the best-case scenario.

He hasn't had official review of the MRIs yet, and he acknowledges that they can be tricky to read and he may have missed something, but the rest of the evidence is pretty strong.

It'll be two months until my next check-in. Quiet here is good. As I've mentioned so frequently that it must seem pro forma--it isn't!--I'm grateful beyond words for everyone's support and good wishes. Everything good happening is because of you.
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