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Site created on August 16, 2019

Hi everyone! As you probably know I'm more than a little bit of an introvert, and I'm terrible at keeping in touch with even my best friends who I love. I'm sorry I can't update everyone personally with every bit of news or need for assistance, but hopefully the journal will keep you looped in!

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Journal entry by Jon Lasser

My shoulder is showing signs of improvement: the x-ray showed new bone being laid down around the damaged site. Will get another checkup come January, and more imaging then, to make sure it's still on a good path.

I walked 10,000 steps yesterday, my first time hitting my used-to-be-every-day target since July 13th. That made me feel pretty great.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've got no more appointments for around a month, so don't expect many updates until the beginning of December. Thanks again to everyone for the support; it's been, quite literally, a lifesaver.
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