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Hi everyone! As you probably know I'm more than a little bit of an introvert, and I'm terrible at keeping in touch with even my best friends who I love. I'm sorry I can't update everyone personally with every bit of news or need for assistance, but hopefully the journal will keep you looped in!

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Laura Lasser

Jon spent about 11 hours at the ER yesterday, with me spending the first five hours with him and our friend Karen taking over so I could pick up the kids from school and take them to our support and art therapy groups at Cancer Pathways (formerly Gilda's Club).

Jon's shoulder pain was found to be a tumor on his glenoid fossa (it's where your humerus meets your scapula, as best I can tell.) This doesn't actually change our current path to treatment at this time. Jon is still starting radiation therapy on Friday, and tomorrow we will talk to radiation oncology about adding radiation treatment to that site. Our oncology team wants to wait for pathology to come back before talking to an orthopedic oncologist to see if further stabilization of the shoulder is advised.

Me and the kids really enjoyed? saw benefit? in the group at Cancer Pathways. I met other caregivers as well as another cancer patient who is around our age, has stage 4 lung cancer and is a non-smoker. Knowing that we're in an unlikely situation, but not unique, was heartening. The kids had an art therapy group where they got to meet other kids with caregivers with cancer. They really enjoyed it.

Thanks you, everyone. We're up and running on the Slack channel, so feel free if you're local and can help. Little things can help a lot.
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