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Site created on June 15, 2020

Hi Everyone! A lot of people have been reaching out to us about how my Dad is doing. I will be updating everyone through this website, so my Mom and Dad don't have to. Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers! Below are the most recent updates on my Dad, along with information about his diagnosis. This is the second time he has had to fight this awful disease, and my heart is breaking having to see him go through this again.

Newest Update

Journal entry by tana jansma

First off I want to thank everyone for the endless amount of love, prayers and thoughts. My heart is so full knowing how much support we have had through all of this!! 

Last week Wednesday Dad got a colposcopy and an endoscopy. Both of those came back clear, and we have come to the conclusion that he only has cancer on the one spot on his lymph nodes. PRAISE. So we are VERY thankful for that. 

Him and Mom spoke with a nurse practitioner and she informed us that the form of cancer Dad has is not curable. So going forward he will be getting scans done every three months and basically waiting for masses to appear again. He is considered a high risk patient due to this being his second time having cancer, so the doctors will be keeping a VERY close eye on him. 

On Monday he started his second round of chemo, and is feeling okay. In 3 weeks he will be getting his third round and then radiation will begin. Unfortunately the doctors are still unsure where the cancer is originating from, which is frustrating. But all the scans have come back clear so we finally know what we are up against. The worst part of this all was the unknown, and getting more answers has been such a relief. After his first round of chemo he felt pretty awful the next two days afterward, then he bounced back alright. Prayers that he keeps bouncing back from the chemo, and that no more cancer appears over time. Also Sam’s wedding is in 8 days!!! So prayers that he will be feeling well for this time of celebration would be greatly appreciated. The doctors have told us he won't ever be cancer free, which is really hard for us to hear. But we are SO HAPPY that we finally have gotten questions answered that we have been waiting months for. AND the doctors will be staying on top of the scans/tests so we pray that we catch any upcoming masses quick enough. 

I will make sure to keep everyone updated through this journey! 

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