Luke Leiter|Sep 24, 2019
Gore family,
I have been praying for your family and will continue to do say in the months to come. I cherish you all dearly and know that God does even more so. I thank him for the blessing you guys are to those around you and that you have been in my life. Please let me know if I can help with anything. If it is within my capabilities I would be more than happy to. God's blessings on your days to come and I look forward to visiting with you soon.
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Humberto DeLuca|Sep 21, 2019
I will offer prayers for you and Jon. Hugs.
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Marta Bridwell|Sep 21, 2019
How truly beautiful it is to see how you continue to glorify God throughout this journey. Our pryaers continue for your entire family.
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Stephanie Engelman|Sep 19, 2019
Praying for strength, comfort, and grace for all of you. May God's will be done.
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Ellie Timberman|Sep 19, 2019
Will pray as you have indicated and am grateful for God's leading in wisdom and courage.
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Pamela Gillund|Sep 18, 2019
Jon & Colleen,
Many prayers for you and your family. Your trust and faith is awe inspiring, writing is beautiful and also the walk your living divine, difficult but divine. Rest in Gods peace & Love.
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Katie Hagemann|Sep 18, 2019
Know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family and the graced filled way you are dealing with God and his will for all of you.
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Edie Sons|Sep 18, 2019
I am so sad to hear of your difficult struggles against this cancer. It is so hard to fight these earthly battles that come upon us so uninvited. Trusting God even when we don’t understand is all we can do. He is our strength. Bless you and your family.
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Michele Squire-Fultz|Sep 18, 2019
Gore Family,
I am both saddened and amazed when I read this update. I pray that God will provide you all with supernatural strength as you walk such a hard road. Praising God that your family is able to live with such surrendered and humble hearts. You are daily in our prayers.

With love,
The Fultz Family
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John Benner|Sep 18, 2019
I so wish things were different; why do both our families have to endure such pain? I know you and Sue have so much to give and teach here but it is not our will but God’s. Take comfort knowing that he never fails us or our families. We will and do pray along your side.
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