Honor John

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“You are both such an inspiration and you both looked great in TV Sending love from Orange Co., CA.”

— Jan Plessner

“In honor of John Odom.”

— Bill and Lucy Van Leuven

— Hugh Sunstedt

“In honor of John Odom.”

— The Schaffer Family

“John & Karen, it's amazing to read about your joys and pains. I haven't seen you in many years, but you will always stand out to me as amazing people.”

— Kate Hart

“In honor of John Odom.”

— Louise and Rich Davis

“In honor of John Odom.”

— jim mitchell

“In honor of John Odom. You are an amazing man, always have been and always will be. Your strength & courage are so inspiring.”

— Anonymous

“In honor of John Odom.”

“In honor of John Odom. God has provided the Gift of Life to John and Karen....We care for them deeply and love them both! Hugs and Prayers, Don and Julie”

— Don and Julie